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It doesn't matter if you play the harmonica, want to learn how to play it or just love the way it sounds. Either way you'll find something that you like here in this community dedicated to the Harmonica and its cool sound.
Use this community to find anything and everything to do with the harmonica. Find harmonicas for sale, music, information history and more. Use this community to learn how to play the harmonica too with all kinds of great links and resources in one place! You'll be playing the blues in no time!

The Harmonica and More
From harmonica sales and sheet music to CDs and books on how to play the harmonica. We've got it all right here, right now.

Buy A Harmonica and More
This is your one-stop site for everything from harmonica sales to sheet music, repair and even learning how to play the harmonica. Get your harmonica blues in fine tune now!

Harmonicas- Not Just a Paper and Comb!

Music has made the world go round for many a century and the harmonica is one of these classic instruments that is still used today. It was created in the 19th century and has become an essential part of types of music such as Blues, jazz and folk music. It takes a lot of skill to play this instrument and it makes a wonderful sound that is hard to replicate.

There is more to the harmonica than you might think. This may be why I was unsuccessful at playing a home-made harmonica in my youth. It was essentially a comb and a bit of paper, but at least I tried! A harmonica is not just a harmonica-oh no, no; there are different kinds of this unique wind instrument from Chromatic to Tremolo. I have no idea what makes them all different but real harmonica buffs will know what they are. As well as the various types, there are various techniques to playing it- so much for trying to impress my friends and family with that paper and comb!
If you are keen to start playing the harmonica you can go into any music store and be sure to find one that you like and is suitable for your needs.  Of course in the modern world it is easy to find out more about them and to buy one on the World Wide Web. There are many providers who are willing to sell you a great instrument at a fraction of the cost of buying in stores and malls.

You will even find that this small metallic rectangle has some accessories available to help illuminate your experience (and that of those you are playing for). Such items include an amplification device and a rack to help you hold the harmonica if you happen to be banging a big drum and cymbals at the same time. (Stop laughing at that image please!)

It is also stated that, as an added bonus, playing the harmonica could be good for your health. Firstly it can give you motivation which helps to aid you in learning new skills. You need to be able to blow and suck quite hard to play (oh behave!) it and this can help to strengthen your diaphragm. You would also be using the whole of your lung capacity which helps to keep you fit. Some doctors are actually introducing harmonica playing as a form of rehabilitation for pulmonary and respiratory illnesses! So if anyone tells you it is no longer "cool" to play the harmonica, you can use your massive lung capacity to blow the biggest raspberry at them. In fact, playing the harmonica is far from uncool. There are many competitions held worldwide for players to enter; and who wouldn't want to be compared to great 1950's Blues artists like Howlin' Wolf or Sonny Boy Williamson II?

Once you find that perfect mouth organ online and have handed over your hard-earned cash, its time to put on your blackest sunglasses and start blowing a tune- as well as blowing away your audience!