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Can you spot the difference between a Ferrari and a car decked out in a Ferrari body kit? See what makes Ferrari so great and find out how easy it is to get your speed-loving hands on one for less right here in this community.
Never have you been able to find so much related to the Ferrari all in one place! This community has Ferrari cars for sale as well as Ferrari parts, manuals, information and more. Have a look around and see all the great information and deals this community has to offer.

Ferrari For Sale
We have Ferrari Cars for Sale. Find it all from Ferrari Enzo 308, Acer, f60, f430, 328, and more. Ferrari Parts, Manuals, Decals, Engines and Kits to Used Ferrari for Sale right here.

Ferrari Cars, Manuals, Kits and More
Find Ferrari Cars for Sale. It's all here; Ferrari Enzo 308, Acer, f60, f430, 328, and more. We've got Ferrari Parts, Manuals, Decals, Engines, kits and Used Ferrari for Sale. Check it out!

The Ferrari Phenom
Is it just me or is it every guy’s dream to own a Ferrari or at least have the chance to drive one someday..fast…really fast? I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since these cars are one of the most exquisite looking cars ever and most certainly one of the best known. It’s also one of the most copied, though sadly, a Fiero with a body kit just doesn’t fool anyone.

Ferrari is Italian made and was founded by Enzo Ferrari back in 1928. The company started out making cars for racing and up until now is continues to have a strong place in the racing world, most particular in Formula One racing where their cars have proven to be quite a success. It wasn’t actually until 1947 that Ferrari began making cars for street driving and it was after the company had been bought by Fiat back in 1969 that they manufactured what is now considered Ferrari’s best accomplishment; the Ferrari F40.

It’s hard to imagine that Ferrari ever endured financial woes, but they did and enough so that Enzo Ferrari himself sold the company to Fiat in order to get out of their financial troubles. Ferrari was able to continue to stay such an important part of the racing scene thanks to that business decision. The Ferrari Scuderia made its racing debut in 1950 at the Formula One World Championship and won, under the control of driver Jose Froilan Gonzalez. That was just the beginning of Ferraris rise to fame as THE supercar and racing car. To further support the outstanding place that Ferrari has in Formula One Racing; the Ferrari team is now the oldest team left in Formula One. They also hold the most records of the series. Impressive!

Along with Ferrari’s racing success and undeniable style and performance; Ferrari has become a household name thanks to some incredible marketing. Ferrari doesn’t just sell cars but has also had much success selling Ferrari products with and internally managed product line that consists of everything a Ferrari fan could want. They offer some of the coolest products toting the Ferrari name, such as eyewear, cologne, clothing, pens and other accessories and much more. The Ferrari name is everywhere it seems which is how they manage to stay one of the most popular cars in the world even though most people will never be able to afford a Ferrari or even have the pleasure of seeing one other than on television or in pictures! The reason for this being that the car’s price starts at around $400,000 which is more than the average person earns in well over ten years!

Whether you ever get to see a Ferrari in person or not, there is no denying that it is something worth coveting, even if only from afar! The car symbolizes everything from strength and power to a rich and proud history. And of course, they are just plain beautiful! Something this incredible deserves to be admired.