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Cockatiel people are as interesting as the birds themselves and it is for you that this community was created. It's a great place to find all kinds of things related to these beauiful birds.
Are you an owner of a Cockatiel? Then have a look around for some great resourrces. And for those thinking of getting a new fine feathered friend, Cockatiels make awesome pets but before you buy yours there are some things you'll need and some things you'll need to know. Find out the ins and outs of owning one right here.

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If you've already got one or are thinking of a cockatiel as your next pet, you can find everything you need to know and all the goodies that you'll need right here.

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From cockatiel training and information to cages, sexing advice and more -- we've got all of your Cockatiel needs covered.

Cockatiels- Shaken not Stirred!

Many of us all over the world own a pet or perhaps even two. You may be surprised to know that along with dogs and cats, one of the most popular choices of household pet is the Cockatiel, which comes a very close second to the Budgie as far as birds go. Cockatiels are beautiful birds to behold and come in a striking blend of grey, orange and yellow. Some of the species are also a lovely grey and white, or perhaps have some white markings to join the orange, grey and yellow combination.

Surprisingly, Cockatiels are only found in Australia and are a member of the Cockatoo family. They are very nomadic and will move around according to where food and water can be found. They make great domesticated pets, and it may be best to keep a pair of Cockatiels; the reason for this is that they travel in pairs or flocks in the wild. If you do decide just to have one, then like many other animals--and healthy people—they love mirrors. This is not only to check they have no seed on their beak, but to chat to their "mate" for hours and hours.

You need to make sure that your lifestyle is suited to a Cockatiel, and vice versa. I think I would love a Cockatiel as apparently they like to have 12 hours sleep a day! If they get less than this, then they are grumpy and irritable (a bit like me really). The Cockatiel should be allowed to sleep in a quiet area with little distraction and noise. Like any animal it should have food and water accessible at all times.

Another point to consider is that a Cockatiel can live to fifteen or twenty year's old- that's longer than most cats and dogs! Ponder this carefully, as you will have to potentially be dedicated to the beast for that long. The life of a Cockatiel should be fun and if you have had the wings clipped it can be freed from the cage for a flight around the living room. Just remember to be prepared for little presents landing in the most annoying of places, or for it making an emergency landing on your Uncle's toupee.

It is probably advisable not to put this bird in a cage with another breed such as a Budgie. Budgies can be vicious to Cockatiels and try and peck their little toes off. Certainly not a fun time for your Cockatiel! And speaking of cages; these days you can chose from a huge assortment of birdcages that range from standard sizes to super-size. I guess they would be the equivalent of a Motel 6 and a Four Seasons!

The mood of your Cockatiel is supposedly judged by the positioning of the crest on top of its head. If it is nearly upright then it is said to be excited or has been startled. Positioned in the middle means that it is relaxed and couldn't care less. If the crest is flat then you're in trouble and the Cockatiel should not be shaken or stirred!

With the right amount of dedication and quality time spent with it, your Cockatiel will turn out to be a gentile and loving bird. Remember that the personality of each bird will vary but they will all provide you with years of pleasure and fun (not to mention years of little presents).