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Vintage postcards are making a comeback and not only for collectors! Antique and vintage postcards make for great art as well and can add flair to any room. For those who enjoy vintage postcards you have definitely come to the best place online!
You can find vintage and antique postcards at great prices here as well as get price guides and other helpful information for collectors. We have vintage postcards for all tastes and interesting history and information that you're sure to enjoy.

Vintage Postcards
Vintage and Antique Postcards for Sale! Use them for art or add them to your collection! Vintage and Antique Postcard Price Guides,information and more are all a click away!

Vintage Postcards Here!
Whether you are a collector of antique postcards or just someone who loves the look; vintage postcards are for sale here. Vintage postcards from different eras as well as collector's books, price guides ...

Vintage Postcards To Chic Things Up
That term 'everything old is new again' so just so true! Adding something vintage to your world just seems to chic things up like nothing else and this is especially true with vintage postcards. In decades gone by, postcards were far more than the typical 'whish you were here' kind that you find in tourist shops. The internet seems to have had a lot to do with making postcards a sort of a lost are along with letter writing and snail mail. Luckily vintage postcards make for much more than just a memento to send someone when you're on vacation--they are true works of art!
The greatest thing about vintage postcards isn't just how great they are to look at but rather how each era seemed to bring with it different and unique trends in postcards. There were some more traditional cards like those featuring animals or cars and then those dedicated to special occasions like Christmas, but there were also some very naughty ones for their time, such as vintage erotica postcards! Now before you get your knickers in a twist and conjure up images of some very inappropriate things, let me remind you that these were created long before the days of Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt, so they were far more tame. As a matter of fact they are quite tasteful, demure and even elegant! One specific genre of vintage postcards of the erotic variety that seem to have become very popular as of late are those that feature something called 'typewriter erotica'. Again, stop with the strange images in your head and pay attention! Type writer erotica are merely pictures of scantily clad--sometimes naked--women seated next to, or using a typewriter. C'est tout! Sure, it may sound a little strange but when women first started working outside the home it was a real novelty and even today we all know that there is still just somethin' about the whole 'naughty secretary' fantasy, so it's really no surprise that these sorts of images would appeal to people!
A great thing about vintage postcards is that you can use them as art and they add a unique and again, chic feel to any room. Even better is how easy they are to get your hands on these days thanks to the internet! Whether you're looking for originals for a collection or for reproductions to sass up a space; you can find them right here with a few clicks! There are hundreds of websites that sell original and reproduction vintage postcards and some are even dedicated to a specific era or genre to make your life easier. As well, web rings, forums and sites created by and dedicated to fans of vintage postcards are popping up everywhere which offers access to even more resources. I personally know several people who have been lucky enough to even stumble on a few originals at a yard sale!
While not all vintage postcards are going to mean a valuable find dollar-wise, there are many postcards which were only produced in limited quantities which would now be considered a real treasure. When postcards were in their heyday; large companies, like Campbell's Soup for instance, created some which were used as promotional items for shoppers to collect. These days getting your hands on one of those babies means a pretty penny!
Either way, no matter what your reason for your interest in vintage postcards; they sure are a fun little way to ad some vintage flair and history to your life whether through your decor or even just in a glass case that you covet from afar!