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Vintage handbags and purses are hotter than ever for wear or collecting! And thanks to this great community an even greater selection is available here!
This community which is dedicated to Vintage handbags is all about you - the collector, dealer or admirer. Whether you love to carry them, sell them, trade them or bust learn about them, vintage handbags are fun! Find vintage handbags for sale here and much more.

Vintage Handbags
Collectible vintage handbags and antique purses for sale are closer than you realize! A couple of clicks and you'll be on your way to vintage handbag heaven!

Vintage Handbags and More
Who says you need to hit the shops and estate sales to get your hands on vintage handbags? Vintage purses and bags are only a click away!

Vintage Handbags Are Even Closer Than Your Shoulders or Wrists
How can I not make reference to Sex and the City when talking about vintage handbags? I mean, Carrie just loved them so! And who can forget the very last episode of the series when she is sitting in the museum and finds her 'Carrie' necklace inside the lining of her vintage Dior clutch which actually represents her finding herself again! Doesn't your heart skip every time you think of that scene???
Anyway, whether a fan of the show or not; if you know anything at all about fashion then you know that scoring a vintage handbag--especially a designer vintage purse--is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Dior, Chanel, Vuitton--oh my! You can collect them or wear them but there is no denying that the thrill of the hunt and find is all the same and it is an especially great time to be a conoiseur of vintage handbags and purses because they are so much easier to find thanks to the invention of the internet. Sure, the is a certain je ne c'est quoi about pillaging the antique and vintage shops in search of a rare and unique find, but how wonderful that you can enjoy the hunt from the comfort of your home should the mood strike you at 2AM while your hair is in rollers and your body clad in anything but fashionable attire!
The internet also offers a whole new thrill to the vintage handbag aficionado...aficionada? Anyhow, the internet means that you get the thrill of knowing that you will undoubtedly find a fabulous peice AND the thrill of scoring a deal thanks to auction sites! Are your palms sweating yet?? It's true! Finding great deals on vintage handbags is a matter of a few mere clicks as is finding out about great sales and resources for those who love all things vintage. One of the best parts isn't even the deals so much as the opportunity to connect with others who also share your enthusiam--or obsession--of vintage purses and bags. Not only is it fun to chat with them but they are also a fountain of information since they too often cruise the sites and the shops in search of gems and are usually more than happy to share the knowledge.
Another great little bit of info that you can find online regarding vintage handbags, purses and other goodies is price information so that you can find out what bags are worth what. This can help you to be more selective and really know what to look for when you are out shopping if you are in it more for the joy of collecting as opposed to the joy of wearing. And, finding out about vintage clothing and accesories sale is another perk that can help you add to your collection or help you really wow them at your next soiree when you walk in wearing a Gucci that people thought was just an urban pruse myth or even an unknown vintage piece that just looks hot! Whatever your motive; vintage handbag heaven is right here!