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Finding an antique tractor for sale to add to or start your collection is easy thanks to this community.  This is a place dedicated to people like you who collect or just enjoy the Antique Tractor.
Find an endless list of antique tractors for sale as well as parts and manuals. Get intouch with other collectors, enthusiasts and dealers too! We have it all and are sure that you'll enjoy this community.

Antique Tractor for Sale
Find Antique Tractors for Sale as well as Parts, Manuals and Supplies. We also have Used Tractors for Sale and much more.

Great Antique Tractor for Sale and More
We've got Antique Tractors for Sale, Plus Parts, Manuals and Supplies and even Used Tractors for Sale. Find the perfect Old Vintage Farm Tractor for Sale and make your collection flourish!

Antique Tractor for Sale Online - A Collectors Dream

Are you a farmer or are you someone that just can’t get enough of tractors? To some it may seem strange but for those raised on a farm or those who love life on the farm, then collecting things like antique tractors is actually a very popular hobby! If you find that you like how antique tractors look or even that they stir a little something inside you and take you back in time, then starting a collection may be for you. With a little reasearch you will be able to find an antique tractor for sale that is at just the right price for starting or adding to your collection.

Those antique tractors truly are a great memento that reminds us of the days that have passed. The market that holds antique tractors has started to expand more and more as individuals are starting to choose antique tractors and restoring them. The truth is that there are many individuals throughout the world that get antique tractors and restore them as their hobby, then they either collect them to show at the antique tractor shows, or they sell them and look for another antique tractor that they can restore. As you see, restoring those antique tractors can be a perfect way to earn some extra cash.

If you are the type of individual that is interested in restoring an antique tractor, then you will first need to learn about the models. This is so that you can find those models that are worth restoring and know what models you should just leave in the junk pile that is in the back of someone’s house.  You could go to antique tractor chat rooms, blog pages and message boards in order to find what models are the most in demand. It would be a great idea if you specialize in two models.

As a person that restores antique tractors, you will need to learn the mechanics and problems that exist in antique tractors. You will be able to learn where you can get antique tractors to restore by searching for antique tractors for sale on the Internet. As you may already know, this step is very easy. You could also go to a local junk yard to search for your tractors. Garage sales may even be a great place where you can find antique tractors. You should also read the section of your newspaper where individuals are giving stuff away, because you never know when someone will be giving away an antique tractor simply because it is sitting in their yard.
When you go to get your antique tractor from an individual, if they have planted a flower garden in it, then don’t worry about it, you will be able to restore it, as long as you know what you are doing.  After you have finally restored the antique tractor you found, your next step will be to look for a buyer. You can do this by putting an ad out in your newspaper or creating a webpage with pictures of your restored tractors to get it the attention it deserves!