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This communityt is your best resource for cloth diapers.Use it to learn how to use cloth diapers and even find all of the accessories you'll need, like pails and fasteners.
Have a look around this great community for all you need you need to know or buy when it comes to cloth diapers.

Find Cloth Diapers and More
If you're looking for cloth diapers for babies or adults then look no further! Everything from fabric diapers to pails and fasteners to help on how to use cloth diapers is available for you right here ...

Cloth Diapers and Everything Else You Need
Whether you're looking for babies cloth diapers or adult cloth diapers, you've come to the right place! Find everything you need and more for using cloth diapers

Baby Footprint Kit and More
Looking for a Baby Footprint Kit or Baby Handprint Kit?  Find all your Ink and Plaster Baby Footprint and Hand print Kits here. Makes a great gift for a new mom!

Cloth Diapers- Ponder on the Pong

Right up there with the debate on the Theory of Evolution is the ongoing saga for many new parents- cloth diapers or disposables? Whoever you speak to about the subject chances are that they'll all have an opinion about which is the best choice- and it has to be said that cloth diapers are a great idea for many reasons.

For example, if you ask my mother, she will say(more like yell!)  that "cloth diapers were good enough for her generation to use as they did not have these fancy new plastic ones". To which I would reply "Fair Play" - these kinds of diapers were the only option available in those days oh so long ago.*cheeky grin* All you had to do was stick them in a bucket to soak and then load them into the washing machine; and they would come out as fresh as a daisy, ready to be used on your precious little ones bottom.

Being someone who has had a hand in raising her siblings and a few other babies of parents who went the disposable diaper route, I too have wondered if it would have actually been that much more work to use cloth diapers after a dealing with enough Pampers in my lifetime so far.  By the time I had unleashed the pong and tried to grab some wipes with my one free hand the little darlings would havepractically wriggled away. Then there's the action of holding your breath while you transfer it to the sweet-smelling bag and run out of the house to the trash can half a kilometre away! All this work when I could have just put it in a bucket! Makes me wonder if I won't choose differently when it's my turn to deal with poopy diapers full time.
If you do decide to go the cloth diaper route it is a very popular, environmentally friendly and apparently "modern" thing to do. A lot of the cloth diapers available have been changed to reflect modern motherhood too. There are no fiddly pins like in previous years as many have poppers or Velcro to fasten them. There are washable or throw away liners available to try and contain the explosion from your little cherub; which should hopefully result in less washing for you to do!

You will find that there is a lot of information about using cloth diapers on the internet. As it is a hotly debated topic you will find those for and against them. If you are thinking of giving cloth diapers a try someone will be able to recommend a great seller that can be found on the internet. Indeed, you will find that there are many suppliers of cloth diapers and all you need to go with it at the touch of a few buttons. Many websites will have links to suppliers who will give you great prices for buying cloth diapers. I would recommend eco-friendly, parenting or pregnancy based websites to help you start your search in finding the right product for you.

Not only will you save a lot of your valuable time, but you will potentially save a lot of cash (and the planet apparently) by using cloth diapers instead of disposables. So ponder on the pong a little while and decide what the right way to go for you is.