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Who doesn't love Thomas the Train and all of his adorable train friends! This classic character still has people of all ages mesmerized by his adventures which is why we have created this community for all things to do with Thomas the Train.
Thomas the Train toys, books, DVDs and more are within reach and at affordable prices right here so that you can wow your kids without breaking the bank! Find Thomas the Train toys, books, DVDs, wooden trains and more

Thomas the Train Toys and More Right Here!
If your kids love Thomas the Train then you've come to the right place! You can find it all here, from Thomas the Train toys and DVDs to Thomas the Tank engines -- all at great prices.

Thomas the Train Toys, Books and More
Find all things Thomas the Train right here! From Thomas the Train toys, books and DVDs to Thomas the Tank engines at great prices.

Thomas the Train- Choo-Choo it Over!

As the kind of auntie that believes in buying the love of her nieces and nephews with toys and shameless amounts of time watching cartoons, I can tell you that my two year old nephew—like most two year olds—is into cars, planes- and Thomas the Train. I am one of those parents who can tell you which train is which from 40 paces, he is that into it. With this in mind I feel that I am more than qualified to tell you all about Thomas the Train!

Thomas the Train is a popular character all around the world and has been on the go for close to thirty years. He is famous in many countries and is very popular with many children (and it has to be said, adults in parka jackets standing on train platforms with binoculars) who speak many languages and come from different cultural backgrounds. He has the morals of a Saint and is always sending the right message about values to the children who watch him. He is a great tool for many parents to instil some moral fiber into their children and for aunts to keep them occupied when they babysitting!
With the explosion of Thomas the Train it was inevitable that a myriad of products would be made for us loving parents to buy. Just to see their little faces light up at the sight of a Thomas the Train DVD makes it all worthwhile though! Indeed, you will find books,coloring books, posters, die-cast models, videos, toys, bedding, lightshades, blankets, more books, videogames and watches that are all dedicated to this "really useful engine" and all his friends. You name a product and someone, somewhere has stuck a Thomas the Train emblem on it and made it available to buy.

Instead of trailing around the shops in the mall, I tend to order most things online nowadays. This is the same for the toys I buy the kids including Thomas the Train. You will find that there are hundreds upon thousands of people who have Thomas the Train items for sale. A lot of the auction sites will have a mixture of new and second hand goods, which cater to all budgets and really, as long as the toy is in great shape and not some sort of hazard; a kid isn’t gonna know or care that it’s been previously loved anyway! And another great reason for buying second hand Thomas toys and accessories for your kids is that Thomas the Train likes to become ‘de-railed’ and fall all the way from the landing to the bottom step of the stairway! Thus, the way I see it, if it gets broken and is relegated to the scrap yard (i.e. the trash can), I can buy another second hand one. It is so easy to come across Thomas the Train that I have no qualms in undertaking this practise at all and it helps me keep my standing as the coolest auntie ever!
It is more than likely that you and your child (or children) have come across Thomas the Train in one form or another. From reading the great story books to putting on that Thomas the Train bed cover, glancing at his smiley face on the watch or squeezing his smiley face on a toothpaste carton,
Thomas the Train is an institution that would be sadly missed should the Fat Controller ever decide that the scrap metal price is too tempting an amount to save him.