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The "Left Behind" doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture does nothing to prepare Christians for the possibility that the doctrine is wishful thinking and not at all Biblical. If the rapture doesn't occur until after the tribulation, are you ready and willing to die for Jesus? Or will you deny Him and sell out spiritually because you didn't prepare? Bookmark PostTribRapture.net as a shortcut to this community.

Don't put your trust in the timing of the rapture. Put your trust in Christ.

If you're not willing to die for Jesus, what will it take to get you to that point? This site will challenge Christians to get rid of the unbiblical idea that God wants them comfortable and happy and ...

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s is songweaver4Him’s site… a family, Christian, website, with emphasis on our relationship with Jesus Christ, salvation, ministry, and Hope for the Wounded heart. Keywords include: Jesus, Christ, God, ...