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This community offers a look at the Dodge Coronet through the years. This is where you can still get your hands on one of these gems with a little help. Find a Dodge Cornet for sale or get your mits on manuals, parts and information on the Dodge Coronet.
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The Dodge Coronet

As you read the tittle of this article, you were probably asking yourself: “Hmmm...Dodge Coronet...Do I know this car?”  Well, you have certainly seen one of these, I'm pretty sure.  With the Coronet model, Dodge entered the segment of middle-sized vehicles in late 1953. After a good performance and success in the racing world, particularly in NASCAR, it disappeared in 1957, to be reborn in the mid-sixties.

Rebel Born
The sixties were marked by a myriad of trends and significant events in the U.S. auto industry, which headed to a single factor to dominate the decade: the fascination with strength and speed under the name of Muscle Cars. The main target of those days were the young boys who were eager of rock & roll and girls, they were demanding high-performance machines that could run the quarter mile in less than 15 seconds on the streets. 

The speed and style introduced by these vehicles will soon become the main objective of the Motor City manufacturers, resulting in powerful fuel-consuming engined cars. But such a  mechanics bonanza could not exist without a sufficiently solid base, supported by less ostentatious engine-based sales. This is where the car we are going to talk about fits.

Since its inception, the Dodge Coronet was synonymous with brutal performance, this racing engine was obviously somewhat “uncivilized” and only hardcore experienced ones could squeeze the real juice. So, something had to be done to make it more market-friendly. The Street Hemi was introduced, and although it was significantly more maneuverable and less expensive, its production was still very limited.

A spark was needed and the Coronet model was the perfect car to fulfill this function. 1966 was the year when it saw the light again, now with a very cool redesign that could match with a variety of engines as well as optional equipment, to allow customers to suit their personal needs while consenting to enthusiasts rebels. Moreover, the Dodge Coronet could lead Charger model to jealousy and also meet the desires of those obsessed with the convertible cars. The most famous series were the 440 and the 500 which was the best equipped and most luxurious.

So, now many of you might be thinking “I really want one of these cars!!”. Well, I can tell you that it is highly possible and you only need to make a brief Internet search to find out how easy it would be to buy one of these Chrysler Corporation's icons! Not only can you find a Dodge Coronet for sale, but you can also find good prices for parts and manuals and so much more stuff that your head'll spin!  So, Good Luck!