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Who didn't want a Firebird at one point or another? These great cars have been making waves for years which is why this great community exists!
This is the bets place to find Firebirds for sale as well other car buffs, collectors and even dealers who live for the Firebird like you do! Get your car-loving paws on Firebird repair manuals, parts, information and even more right here!

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Car buffs rejoice because this is your one-stop for all things to do with the Firebird. Whether you're looking for a Firebird for sale or parts and manuals for your own Firebird, you can find it all here ...

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Pontiac Firebirds for Sale, the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am -- it's all here as well as parts, manuals and more! Get your Firebird fix today!

Firebird - More Than Just The Knight Rider Car

The Pontiac Firebird is more than just Kitt the talking car from cool 80's show Knight Rider! It is a sports coupe produced between the years 1967 and 2002, its history was divided into four distinct generations. It can easily be confused with its close relative, the Chevrolet Camaro as they shared platform. The chassis type is an "F-Body" and some parts are interchangeable between models of the two brands, such as the doors that were strictly identical.

This amazing Muscle Car was introduced just six months after the Chevrolet Camaro. This coincided with the release of the Mercury Cougar. This vehicles were mostly powered by various V8 engines.

First Generation 1967-1969
A “Coke-bottle” style was the most outstanding characteristic of first generation Firebirds, they also  featured an integrated bumper in the front and GTO-inspired backlights. Cars were basically powered with both inline-6 and V8 engines but hp rates varied much from one option to another with a top rate of 345 hp.

Second Generation 1970 – 1981
In this stage, “Coke-bottle” body shape was replaced by a “swoopy” one, its most recognizable characteristic was that the back window upper line reached the trunk lid lip. In this case inline-6 engine was totally displaced by V8s in several versions from 301 to 455 CID Pontiac V8 and also Chevrolet and Oldsmobile variants.

Third Generation 1982-1992
Firebirds pertaining to this generation were those which most characteristics shared with its cousin the Camaro with more than a 60% of coincidence in their parts. Muscle car age was definitely closed by government regulations, thus, GM's decisions on F-body models were mostly focused on reducing excessive engine power. Pontiac Firebird models were three: base model, S/E and Trans Am, being the last the high-end option. Is during this era when the Firebird model suffers the most visible changes in terms of aerodynamic shapes. One remarkable change was the restyled front with pop-up lights

Fourth Generation 1993-2002
F-body aerodynamic shapes are going to be strengthened in this period, reflecting more and more the Banshee IV concepts which were slightly introduced during the previous era. 4-cylinder engines are no longer available. During the fourth generation two anniversaries occurred: the 25th Trans Am Anniversary in 1994 and the 30th in 1999, both events were commemorated by Pontiac with the release of respective Anniversary Editions. Finally, in 2002, Firebird model, brought a particular "Collectors Edition" Trans Am, which was painted in yellow color. This year was the 35th anniversary for the F-Body vehicles and it also marked the termination of the cars production.
As you can see, Firebird has a vast and prolific history, producing so many and interesting variants. Having released so many models and units gives us the possibility to choose among late 60's old classic or latest aerodynamic shape cars. Internet hosts so many options to choose from, there are multitude of sites were we can find everything from excellent condition cars to parts and accessories to improve our own. If you where asking where to start, well I can tell you that I was able to find Web-sites like the Muscle Car Club, Firebird Fever or The National Firebird & Trans Am Club.