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Personal blog of an Episcopalian seminarian in the greater Washington DC area.

Progressive Pramatist

The Vicar of Bolingbrook
Reflections of a young female vicar in the Chicago suburbs.

Gordon's Blog
Thoughts, reflections and observations about life and the world...

Roland Allen: Weblog
A Californian with a few thoughts and a couple of cameras.

mdg andyou
between the semantic and the social

stay close . . . . . .

Breaking Fast on the Beach--PadreWarren's Blog
My musings and wondecommunitys. Reflections on faith, mission, ministry and discipleship

St. Luke's Episcopal Church--Worcester, MA

the caffeinated priest

Books. Star Wars. Skirts

In search of hidden treasure
"Sometimes you've got to rock the boat, dive into rough waters, and sail over the edge of the world to inspire, change, and redirect the assumed course of nature."

A GIlr Goes to the UN, and then what?
Alyssa Stebbing, continuing the work of bcommunitying care and dignity to the poor and giving a voice to the voiceless, is a professed Franciscan sister, and Episcopal Delegate to the UNCSW in 2007 and ...

Ayia Iluvatar
The varied musings of an Episcopal Priest, Tolkien Nut and Gaming Dork.

DC ONE Meetup
Washington DC area anti-poverty news and information along with stuff of wider interest on the subject of fighting global poverty.

I use this katysblog to pass on updates, information, photos (and opinions, of course) on a variety of projects, trips, topics and reading that I hope are of mutual interest. Substantive comments are ...

The Blogging Priest
The thoughts of a Generation X Episcopal Priest.

The Gospel in ToyTown
Comments from a priest serving the Episcopal parish in ToyTown, East Aurora, New York

Living Faithfully in the 21st Century Village
Thoughts, ideas, and questions from an Episcopal priest seeking to engage issues of faith in a post-modern society. How do we live faithfully in an emerging church and a changing world? How do we create ...

Fr. Scott & Co. Ask Some New Questions
A place to examine old answers critically in pursuit of new questions. "Neither life nor history is an enterprise for those who seek simplicity and consistency." - Jared Diamond in "Collapse: How Societies ...

Random and not so random musings from a 5th generation NE Missourian who became a 1st generation Episcopalian. Let the good times roll!

The purpose of [lab]oratory is to explore the connections between technology and media and Christian theology. This means that you will find computer theory, history, humor and trivia conjoined in ...

A starting point for the expression of spirituality and creativity.

The Hanscom Family Weblog
A Website for, about, by, and showing things of interest to the Alaska, Indiana, Oregon and Washington Hanscoms, with comments by anyone who wishes. It is meant to be eclectic, as are we.

Food Alla Puttanesca
An Episcopal grad student in divinity school blogging about what she cooks and eats.

Peace Is Courageous
A personal blog dedicated to the musings of a young woman filled with wonder and curiosity. Often tells of thoughts on political questions, social issues, faith, love, life, and a bit of everything in ...

Eileen The Episcopalifem
Liberal, Progressive, Feminist, Episcopalian

Dandelion Wine
A lesbian stay-at-home mom, Sunday School teacher, Godly Play story teller, journals her days with 4 cats, a chihuahua-min pin, an Italian greyhound, a big fish tank, three cayuga ducks, one rouen duck, ...

Supporting the MDGs
I am an Episcopal priest serving a congregation in the North Country of New Hampshire. I blog about ministry, the outdoors, life in New Hampshire, and whatever else catches my fancy.

Finding peace
I'm an Episcopalian Jesuit Volunteer blogging about adjusting to life in New York City, a new job, living in community, and how I'm living out God's call to live a just and simple life.

Gillian's Goodies
Recipe blog with some random musings. It's mostly vegetarian/vegan.

Where I go to talk about Jesus' takeover in my life and generally activism.

Buttecommunity Parsnips
Just starting...about the faith journey and the missteps I make...the Episcopal Church and how it helps me on the journey...and other stuff...some cooking stuff, gardening stuff, Brit stuff...you know, ...

Santos Woodcarving Popsicles
This eclectic blog examines the sacred and those things that we often don't think of as sacred. Comments are made on the Church, theology, scripture, prayer, the Episcopal Church, and serving as a chaplain ...

The musings of Fr. Peter-Michael Preble

M E Hughes MDG
Will be explaining what actions my deanery, church and myself to help reach the Millenneum Development Goals.

Foodless Reflections by Alex
This is a blog that I don't really use but I will on 9/25/08 for World MDG Blogging Day!

Random images from my personal photographic collection and the occasional opinion.

Border Explorer

Living, With a Comma...
A new seminarian's thoughts on a bevy of possible topics, from chemistry to theology, and beyond...

simul justus et peccator
simul justus et peccator literally means "simultaneously saint and sinner." i have been cleansed of my sin/wrong-doing/bad karma and have been given New Life and yet i continue to sin/do wrong/screw over ...

Lutheran and Episcopal Campus Ministry at UMBC

"Thus am I, a feather on the breath of God."

Elizabeth Grattan
Writings, Readers, Links & Feeds.

Dog Blessed @ Silverwalk
blog related to private dog rescue/sanctuary

Earnestly Speaking
Geeky by nature, writer/editor by vocation. I geek out at geek.ernamahyuni.com but here is where I talk about everything else under the sun.

A Good World
"A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage; it does not need a regretful hankecommunity after the past or a fettecommunity of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant ...

Micah's Challenge to the Future President
Micah Challenge USA, a coalition of US evangelical denominations and institutions dedicated to achieving the MDGs. Visit www.micahchallenge.us to read the “Letter to the Church in the United States” and ...

Daily blogs

Journeys With Jood