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For any plane aficionado; the Mooney aircraft could very well be the ultimate as far as airplanes go! This 'Porsche of the Skies' would not only make an incredible addition to a collection but also offer a flight experience like no other.
This community is all about the Mooney Aircraft and the avaiation fans who admire them. Use this as your resource for Mooney Aircraft for sale as well as information on Mooney Airplanes and much more.

Mooney Aircraft for Sale
Looking for Mooney Aircraft for Sale? We've got New & Used Mooney Airplanes for sale as well as Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals, Parts. Find the Mooney Mite M-18, Mooney M-10, Mooney ...

We've Got Mooney Aircraft for Sale
Find the Mooney Aircraft for Sale right here as well as Used Mooney Airplanes for sale. Plus we've got Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals, Parts as well as Mooney Mite M-18, Mooney M-10, ...

Mooney Aircraft - The Aircraft that Takes the Grand Prize

When it comes to Mooney Aircraft, chances are you have heard that ‘speed is religion’. If you have never heard of the Mooney Aircraft and you are into planes then you are really missing out my friend! Not only is this aircraft known as “The Porsche of The Skies” but it is also one that you can get your speed-lovin’ little hands on if you’re on the market for a new toy—assuming you have your pilots license of course! Believe it or not, finding the Mooney aircraft for sale will not be as hard as you think it will be. All you need is a couple of reliable resources, which you will be able to find on the Internet. Just a click or two really!

The Mooney company, which is related in Texas really seems to know just what all of those Mooniacs throughout the world are looking for. They have a latest offering that is the M2OTN Acclaim Type S, which is known for being the aircraft that is the fastest and is powered by a piston engine that is single. This Mooney aircraft is capable f reaching speeds of two hundred and forty two knots, or two hundred and seventy eight miles per hour. The type of pace that the Mooney aircraft is offering can generally be found in an aircraft that has twin engines or those that have turbine engines.

Mooney aircraft has been around since the year 1946 when a set of one hundred and thirty two world speed records were recorded. The four-seat Acclaim Type S is not just known as a speed demon, which many individuals like.

That machine is a machine that goes places and is intended to be used in flying and weather conditions that are challenging. That’s right, rain, sleet or hail is not going to stop this plane. The Mooney aircraft can be found sitting low on the ground and it looks purposeful and sleek. With this aircraft, tradition is the king. The new one has a frame that is made of steel tube, which aluminum panels can be found hanging together in order to control that wind.
When you see this aircraft flying through the air, you will definitely recognize it as it sweeps through the air like there is no tomorrow.  The nostrils of its nose almost appear to flare and it is contoured in a way that almost gives the appearance of an arrogance snare as it is flying through the sky. There is no denying that this type of aircraft has strength and sex appeal that is immense and it is well worth the money, though not for those without a little bit of backbone who candle this kind of speed and sheer power!
For those lucky enough to be in a position to collect planes or even just be able to afford to have one of their own, the Mooney is certainly one that takes the grand prize as far as speed and perfection goes! Finding Mooney aircraft for sale is a peice of cake thanks to websites dedicated to the sale of these and other planes as well as auctions that are easily found on the web. A little bit of digging and you could be well on your way to owning a Mooney and the skies!