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Vintage clothes for all


Like all other fashion accessories, the clothes business has taken a paradigm shift from high end fashion labels to the vintage collection. Catching models flaunting the one and only designs of famous designers has created a stir among fashion conscious people. People don’t settle for less than a designer creation made especially for them.


A considerable increase in the popularity and demand of designer couture and vintage dresses has been seen lately not only for women but also for men and kids.


Vintage women and men apparels and accessories have been introduced by many famous fashion labels. Vintage clothing for men or women does not necessarily mean haute couture, but generally represents garments that are an example of a particular era’s fashion. The vintage clothing represents typical items of an era that had a certain style and design sense of their own.


There has been some demand for old and new vintage clothing due to ever changing fashion sense of people. Not only people but also designers are moving back in time to present their new clothing collection for men women and kids with the theme of vintage.


Famous designers like Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier introduces the vintage theme in their many clothing collections and brought back the flavors of  vintage and the old world. Many creations of vintage clothing are increasingly worn by famous Hollywood celebrities.


Vintage clothing for women, men and kids include hand embroidered, lace and crochet designs made out of fabrics use in that 70’s and 80’s era. Attention was paid to hems and seams and well cut dresses were made that went on to be collected by avid collectors as a memorabilia of the old times. Thus, from old Victorian ball gowns to the Elizabethan era dresses all are a part of the vintage clothing that have become an object of interest for people inside and outside fashion industry alike.

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