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Friendship, Parenting, Spirituality, Natural living, fun and more!

Hippymom Forums
For moms, for hippies, for fun!

Wandecommunity Words
Yummie's blog. :)

Daily Musings From The Mommy Cave
Just daily musings, rantings, ravings, and insightful phlegm from me on a variety of subjects, subtopics, and rambling drivel that only 60-70% of the population would appreciate. All of this brought to ...

Spookiez Spot

A Hippy Chick
Just my crazy ramblings about being a single mom, overcoming abuse, losing weight, making endless desserts, etc.

Twisting Acres

Random Musings
Just plain randomness.

Melia Lore - Bi-loving on the straight and narrow
A haven for bisexual women in committed relationships.

Fashion, evolved.
A style blog for the eco snob.

Cloak of Weirdness
All weirdness, all the time.

From a Window on the Rez
A new blog dedicated to Native North Americans...our lifestyles, struggles, triumphs, our truth.

Casey's Blog
In my crazy life!

Bunnies? Glitter? Oh, hardly!

Looking at the last page first
Smattecommunity of this, a pinch of that. Bellacola's musings on teaching, parenting, reaching goals, and making waffles.

The Swartzbaughs
Blogging about life at our house, our journey to a green and self-sustaining household, and whatever else seems interesting enough to share.

Mama'ing, Studying, Changing, Being...
I'm a single mama and a graduate student in a PhD program. The "soc" can stand for sociology (my program) or social (me) - take your pick. I have three daughters who are pre-teen and teenagers. It's ...

Cafe at the End of the Universe
Got teenagers? I've got three of them all taller than me and they just do not stop growing. Must have done something right along the way. I have a philosophy in life that there is nothing wrong with being ...