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This community is all about those who love the true American classics. Lovers of the true American Muscles cars will be thrilled to find 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger for sale and much more right here.
YOu can use this community to find your very own Dodge Challenger for sale or for great advice on restoration, parts, car shows and a lot more.

For Fans of the 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger
For fans of the 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger, there is no better place to get your hands on everything from parts and engines, to repair manuals and even a Dodge Challenger for sale.

We've Got the 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger: THE American Muscle Car!
Find the 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger for Sale as well as information on the car's history and even things like repair manuals, engines, parts and more!

It Doesn't Get Any Cooler - The 1970 and 1971 Dodge Challenger

As an heir of the last generation of Muscle Cars, the legendary 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger was a milestone concept in terms of style and power. The short history of American Muscle Cars which were born on the basis of 1950s platforms designs, is one of the greatest glories and deepest loves on the experience of so many pilots. The Dodge Challenger was the most outstanding representative of this era, and the last in its generation.

1970 Dodge Challenger
The Dodge Challenger was based on the Plymouth Barracuda E-Body platform, but with the addition of two inches to the wheelbase to give more room to its interior. The Challenger was introduced in various versions: hardtop, coupe and convertible. Performance versions had the R/T (Road and Track) logo and both the standard model and the R/T could be ordered with the SE luxury package. This extra  package included leather seats and vinyl roof with the "traditional" smaller rear window. The Challenger base models came with a Slant Six 225 cu in V6 engine, but it impressed by the wide range of engine options, ending with the high-end Magnum 426 Hemi V8 with 425bhp. The Hemi had an extra cost of $ 1228 and required strengthened equipment.

Dodge Challenger 1970 model versions also included T/A (Trans Am). This racing homologation model was intended to compete in the Sports Car Club of America's Trans American Sedan Championship.

1971 Dodge Challenger
Changes for this models included a new “split” front grille, taillights were placed on the left and right sides, taking then from the centered position they had in 1970's model. T/A model was promoted but never constructed, since Dodge had withdrawn from Trans Am racing. The R/T convertible was also abandoned and the package was offered in the base model Challenger. 1971 R/T had bumper colors matching with the car body, decorative brake ventilation slots in its rear flanks and new adhesive lines. The 383 engine was still standard on  R/T models, but were re-calibrated to 300 hp due to a lower compression required to comply with new government rules.

Nowadays, muscle cars collectors have great avidity for 1970-1971 Dodge Challengers, and if you can find a unique high-performance “specimen" you can consider yourself  a very lucky guy. You know, they are extremely rare due to big engine models low interest and ensuing low production.

Anyway I can tell you that not everything is bad news, because there are a lot of opportunities if you want to buy your own 1970 or 1971 Dodge Challenger. Simply search the Web and you will see what I mean, sales, auctions, deals, not only for cars but also for its parts, extra packages and kits. You will also find out there are so many places where manuals and a lot of data regarding this awesome “muscle car” are available, such as the Chrysler Media Site and various Dodge Challenger forums and Muscle Car clubs. Those sites are perfect if you are also looking for events and exhibitions where you can admire these muscle car legends.