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Gardening tips and topics from a master gardener in the Pacific Northwest.

Weeping Sore
"This is my letter to the world, That never wrote to me, - The simple news that Nature told, With tender majesty." (Dickinson) I blog, therefore I think. I think, therefore I garden.

A blog about life, gardens, and homemade goodness. I garden on a steep slope in Canadian Hardiness zone 3b/4a. You will find information about drought tolerant, cold climate, organic gardening as well ...

Defining Your Home Garden
Everything Gardening: News, Magazines, Travel and My Blog

The ramblings of a horticulture therapist who uses landscaping, working in a greenhouse and a Flowershop as means to help people return to work and overcome addictions.

Here I share my interests in gardening, birdwatching and poetry through my writing and photography. And, as my blog title suggests, I'll try to remember the things I'm thankful for. Come join me!

The Cobb News and Times
A blog telling about my garden, homesteading, and my family life.

Suburban Sanctum
Seeking respite from the daily routine, and salvation from the utter sameness of the suburban landscape, despite having no time, no money, and no real plan except to enjoy myself thoroughly and bcommunity ...

Liisa In Vermont
A garden addict in need of group therapy for those of us who spend way too much time thinking about, dreaming about, digging, transplanting, getting our hands dirty, learning, and admicommunity gardens ...

A Gardener in Progress
About my home garden in the Pacific Northwest, my family experiences with gardening, ponds, birdwatching, our garden projects.

Blossom Blooms
Gardening, pictures of beautiful flowers especially orchids. Tips on gardening.

Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener
Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener is a gardening blog about design, plants, garden projects and much much more.

Buckets of Garden Ideas
Shacommunity my garden and ideas of things I am learning.

High Altitude Gardening
Growing an impossible garden at 7,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains.

Name That Plant
A new plant is highlighted every week. Great photographs and insightful information on the plant in the spotlight. Written by a professional Landscape Designer in the Pacific Northwest

Gardening in Busted Stick
I'm known as a homicidal horticulturist in denial. I pick my victims by the tub and by the flat. I'm a NY transplant to Oklahoma learning how to garden in the heat and sun of the South. This is my st ...

Mr. McGregor's Daughter
Gardening in dry shade and dry sun in the suburbs of Chicago. My garden features native plants, as well as hardy exotics in Zone 5.

I am a Central Texas gardener on the east side of Austin. I have Been developing my lot for 5 years using organic techniques (for the most part). I use a lot of ornamental grasses and natives, and incorporate ...

Greenlandhome in Malaysia
All about my garden in Malaysia.

Metro Farming
Welcome to Metro Farming! A blog devoted to the joys and rewards of growing, eating, and shacommunity high quality organic produce.

Creata la cub
We built a house close to Bucharest, Romania in 2005. I have a large garden, with trees, plants, flowers and I am in love with all the things related to gardening. Please feel free to visit my blog, I ...

Quiet Country House
My blog is mostly about gardens and nature, with little glimpses of my life, and bits of poetry and whimsy tucked in.

Living And Gardening in Idaho
Living and gardening in Idaho

Miller's Harvest ~ Trial of a Novice Gardener
I have decided to start a small vegetable garden (in containers and in the ground) with my 4 year old daughter. This is an accounting of that experience.

My small Cornish Garden
An online diary of my gardening year. Herbs, some vegetables, flowers and fruit.

Garden and Home
New home, new landscaping and garden.

Suburban Wildlife Garden
This blog documents my humble attempts at transforming a small, relatively barren suburban lot into a wildlife-friendly oasis.

Country Oaks Homestead
Just the sometimes not very coherent ramblings of a 30-something gal living and loving her family on a small plot of ground near the Central Coast of CA. I am very inspired by the Dervaes family (www.pathtofreedom.com) ...

The Rebel Gardener
The Rebel Gardener is a gardening blog that features drought tolerant plants for the home garden and public landscaping. It is designed to provide information for gardeners and introduce to gardeners many ...

PlantWerkz aim to categorize all Architecturally Beautiful Plants (ABP) that God has created on Earth. Definition of an architecturally beautiful plant A plant that is visually aesthetic that commands ...

MileWide Nursery Blog
We are a family owned and operated plant nursery located in the mountains of Northern California (zone 9). We sell many different plants and this is our blog. Here we will discuss; plants, propagation, ...

Welcome to My Garden Blog
New to Puget Sound gardening; using companionship and raised & small space techniques. Will attempt a winter garden as well.

Our Backyard Oasis
we are amateur gardeners sharing our journey to create an oasis on a suburban lot in central Ontario

Kara's Garden
My vegetable, fruit and herb garden in South Florida.

The Frustrated Urban Kitchen Gardener
There is nothing better than eating fresh vegetables raised by my own hand and a good dose of nature on top of it. Discovering wonderful recipes for a glut of tomatoes or courgettes and using wild plants ...

This Old Hippie
1. Learn how Going Green at Home & in the Office isnít as painful as one might think :-) 2.There are never any stupid questionsÖ I will answer allÖ And if I donít know one, I will find someone who does. 3. ...

Amatuer gardener posting on my sucesses and failures.

Gardening in Oz
My adventures turning a 25 x 60 foot back yard that hasn't been touched in over 30 years into a garden wonderland!

Garden, By Chance?
In which I profess to know practically nothing about gardening, but am having a really fun time figuring it out. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY, zone 6.

Art of Gardening
Iím no great gardener. Iím no great writer either. Iím not even a good photographer. But I like gardens, I like design, I like to travel and like to share. So hereís some gardens Iíve visited, and when ...

Synchronous Synergy
This blog is about my gardening hobby, and occasionally about my life and my family. I plant herbs, fruit trees and veggies in my kitchen garden.

Gardening is Easy

It's Otrembarific
My adventures in making things!

The Laptop Gardener
The Laptop Gardener is a blog where I can share my crazy lifelong addiction to plants and gardens with others that have the same afflication. Be ready to find all manner of things that I find interesting ...

SunnyBrook Farm
The story of an urban farm on a half acre lot

The Urban Balcony
This is a space dedicated to gardens, mostly the small space and urban ones. Many ideas, inspirations to keep the green around us. You'll find features on gardening types, wide variety of plants, garden ...

Plant Tips and Guidelines for the Desert Garden
Great information about beautiful plants that thrive in the Desert Southwest. Also features recommended monthly gardening tasks, photos and much more!

My little vegetable garden
A journal on our Vegetable Garden in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The blog also includes observations on how plants grow and react to weather change and of course out of our own intervention. Occasionally, interesting ...

My Nice Garden
A weblog of gardening tales about my adventures in tropical gardening, exotic plants, photography, green ventures and garden visits.

gardening southern mom
Southern gardening month to month ideas and tips herbs and all flowers and veggies also a few southern recipes right from the garden.