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The Nova_Net is to complement the aeonverse game, aberrant. Trinity and Adventure sites are welcome as well. They can be about anything Project Utopia, Pax, Devries, t2m, terregen and divis mal. ANYTHING!{;}{;}aberrant, trinity and adventure are trademarked and produced by White Wolf.

Team Tomorrow
An in-character Team Tomorrow OpNet site, from the nova organization in the Aberrant role playing game by White Wolf.

Brazil Aberrant Homepage
It is a nice Aberrant site, hosted in Brazil. There is a lot of information and resources, with a full Aberrant solo-play adventure!!! Check it out!

This is THE website for fans of White Wolf's sci-fi game, Trinity, to play ONLINE, hence the name. We cover the entire available Aeonverse, and have skilled, helpful STs to help you get started.