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A community of websites devoted to exposing the truth about why Notre Dame sucks.

Notre Dame Sucks
A web page describing why the Notre Dame Fighting Irish suck and some good Notre Dame jokes.

Notre Dame Sucks
Some good Notre Dame jokes.

Tarnished Dome's Notre Dame Sucks Web Page
Notre Dame Sucks Web Page with many pictures

Notre Dame Bad Boys
A website devoted to the crimes commited by the Bad Boys of Notre Dame, including Clifford Jefferson and Donald Dykes.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Suck
A Notre Dame sucks webpage that includes a top-ten list of why the Fighting Irish suck, links, and a message board.

Notre Dame Sucks Big Moose Cock
The only website with balls to tell it like it is.

Jeremy's Notre Dame Sucks Page
A webpage describing my hatred of Notre Dame.

Things you might hear about ND when you're Drunk
Things you might hear about ND when you're Drunk.

Michigan Rocks, Notre Dame Sucks
A website describing how much I like the Michigan Wolverines, and also how much I hate Notre Dame.

Why Notre Dame doesn't deserve a BCS Bowl slot
Why Notre Dame doesn't deserve a BCS Bowl slot.

Notre Dame Sucks
My Notre Dame sucks page.

Notre Dame Sucks
A description of why Notre Dame sucks and Notre Dame "by the numbers."

Notre Dame Sucks
A fun web page for Notre Dame haters that includes game summaries, pictures, "new and improved" lyrics to the Notre Dame Fight Song, and a message board.

Jessica's Notre Dame Sucks Page
Jessica's Notre Dame Sucks Page.