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Stamp out cold feet. Knit socks for cold children.

Shut Up & Knit!

An Island Girl

Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams
A site about yarn, TV, music, books, nonsense.

Give me Two Needles
Knitting blog

Knitting by the Sea

Show Me The Knitting

A Knitter/Artist's blog.

My blog of never ending knitting projects.

little wilds
A Blog about my knitting, my life in South Africa and my two little wilds!

jen knits

Now Norma Knits

Hither and Yarn
Adventures in knitting and life.

Marianne's Knotminding
Blog with knitting and rambles about life.

Saisquoi knits. And reads. And cooks. And rambles endlessly about a life on the New Hampshire seacoast managed largely by her four cats.

Sandy's Knitting
magically knitting since 2002!

Magic 28 Home Blog

Z knits and Sews
Knitting keeps me somewhat sane! :)

My knitting (and other crafts) blog

Kelley's Yarns
a record of my crafty adventures, with the occasional peek into other areas of my life


Anastacia Knits
My personal knitting/crocheting/spinning blog, including lots of CIC socknitting!

Noolie Knits

little bit of crazy leaking out
knitting and other fiber obsessions

Zeneedle....it's the process

Carole Knits