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For graceful and expressive forms of composition, that portray or suggest night or a dreamlike state. A celebration of dark literature, artwork, and other forms of self-expression. Work by new writers, Magnetic Poetry applet, messageboards, critiques, as well as my own personal writing & journal.

Magdalene St. Vitus' Poison Mind
A forum for the Dark Gothic Horror Writings and poetry of Magdalene St. Vitus, as well as Gnostic Theosophy and the artwork of several other Gothic artists. Site still in progess, but there is a lot to ...

Entrance to online chapbooks and ezines (edited) by C. E. Laine. Included are ALLEGORY (chapbook) and ezines such as the interactive PAINTED POETRY, as well as EROSHA, THE ECLIPSE, and VERSE LIBRE QUARTERLY. ...

Perps Exposed
Perps exposed is an antistalking website with a twist. Lots of sarcasm helping stalking victims laugh in the face of the horror. Enraging to perpetrators. Poetry by Lady Lost and M.Mc. This is sure one ...

tin lustre mobile
the tin lustre mobile is an electronic literary journal that publishes the work of innovative artists with a unique vision.