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Datawalke's NetMonster Page.
A great Netmonster site.

NetMonster Rock Cavern
A site with a few monsters news and stats hopefully more soon. Check it out!!

The Testing Grounds
Site with many NetMonsters. Site is alwyas being updated with new features so check back often.

Kragoks NetMonsters
This site is a decent site that has help for begginers and such who r to stoopid to go to da original source. It has lots of custom net monsters too, it is a netmonster rift.

KinkoBlast NM Website
My site, a copole oof customs, not much

Meefman's Netmonster Nexus!!!
I have capture phrases, over 280 custom netmonsters, some wild netmonsters, Data Node solutions, and more! I still use Netmonster as of December 16th, 2005!!! Let's start a revival of Netmonsters!