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Community for fan sites devoted to the television series "La Femme Nikita".

Rock13.com - La Femme Nikita
Episode summaries, photos, information, and merchandise links. It lacks the flash of some sites but loads fast.

BleuPirate's La Femme Nikita page
A website dedicated to the USA show La Femme Nikita. Hopefully will have fanfiction on it soon.

Row 8, Plot 30
How can you describe Acceptable Collateral Acres, Section One's cemetery and funeral home? Try bizarre, confused, humorous, weird, notorious, and, um, rather unique. Points of interest include the Extended ...

A La Femme Nikita fansite devoted to the television series. Contains images, links, updates, directory, episode list, artwork, etc.

La Femme Fatale - Sage
A site devoted to an amazing show, La Femme Nikita, and it's cast. There are episode synopsis', short profiles of actors, etc...

SectionOperative.com is the only site where you can find SECTIONOPOLY (the LFN version of Monopoly). Extensive Intel on Characters, Terms, Equipment, and a working Timeline. Panel style Desktops, Screen ...

sectionintel.net - La Femme Nikita
Fan site containing cast and characters bios, episode guide, photos, tv schedule, soundtrack, episode music and guest lists, armoury, quotes, postcards, merchandise, links, site awards, banner exchange, ...

Spy Grrl Network
Deny reality! Learn how to dress like Nikita and spend the rest of your days in a Michael filled fantasy world.

Section One RPG
So you fancy a career in Section? Travel the world and meet new friends from all walks of life. Sounds good doesn't it? Well there is good news and bad news. The bad news is - there is no good news. You ...

Flash Mission
An exciting La Femme Nikita site filled with information, tv schedule, episode guide, pictures, wallpapers, winamp skins, resources, and more! Come join a flash mission!

La Femme Nikita art gallery
Collection of collages and galley of photos of Roy Dupuis

The Directory - The La Femme Nikita Fanlisting
The La Femme Nikita Fanlisting site where you can become a proud member.

O-Bug's La Femme Nikita Fan Fiction
Website dedicated to episode-based fan fiction

Nestra's Pantheon
Gen and slash fanfiction for a variety of fandoms, including La Femme Nikita and the Sentinel. Miscellaneous fandoms added as the muses strike, including Angel, Buffy, Harry Potter, Roswell, and Sports ...

Section 1, UK
This is a site dedicated to La Femme Nikita. Join us and you will have access to an archive of pictures and sounds as well as episode lists. We have an RPG online too. This site uses Flash and Java.

Nikita Italy
The first italian site about Nikita!

Section Two Archive
This site was created to archive all the humorous and wacky creations of Section Two Operatves, Birkoff Babes and any other LFN related humour.

Sezione Uno
An italian site dedicated to lfn with everything about the show.

La Femme Nikita Story Board Archives
Over a 1200 stories and over 100 authors. Updated whenever possible. Notification list available. Read some of the greatest LFN FanFiction being created. =>

La Femme Nikita Hispano
Site in spanish. Includes photos, videos, music, news, skins for winamp, episode guide, message board, free email account, and more!

Section 13 - LFNA Operatives
This is a Role-Playing site based on La Femme Nikita.

La Femme Nikita Brazil
Brazilian site from "La Femme Nikita"

Section One
This site has an overview of the characters and the people who play them, an episode guide, quotes, and soundtrack info. As well as how to dress like your favourite la femme Nikita character!

La Femme Nikita
This part of my homepage is about La Femme Nikita

SectionOperative.com is an interface into the world of Section One. Inside you will find full bios on characters from LFN, along with, Desktops, Sounds, Screen Savers and the only place to find Sectionopoly ...