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The original community for L. J. Smith role-playing games!

SuperNatural RPG
This role play is about a secret society of vampires, witches, shapeshifters and werewolves that exist in the human world. Humans don't know about them and they hide in the shadows for fear of persecution. ...

Night World: The Final Battle
The clock is ticking as the true millenium approaches and the net gets tighter and tighter around our remaining Wild Power. Will the Vampires get to Kierlan first, or will Circle Daybreak save the day? ...

Circle Nebula
A new L. J. Smith RPG...

The Night World
This is the site for Yahoo!Groups TheNightWorld. This group is an email-based Roleplay Game where you can choose characters in on based on Lisa Jane Smith's series the Night World.

Princesses Of Darkness
An L.J. Smith fan/fan fiction site.

The Shadow World
The Shadow World, a role playing game based on the Forbidden Game.

The Keepers
A RPG based on a darker aspect of the Night World - The Keepers.

Spellbinder: An LJS Chat RPG
An LJ Smith RPG played in AIM/AOL chatrooms

Secret Circle RPG
This is the website for the Secret Circle Role Playing Game.

Dark Shadow: A Secret Circle RPG
The Coven has gone to college and have return to New Salem, unaware that a new threat has come to town. Will the coven join together to defeat this new threat?

Night World RP @ Warp 1
This is a site for the LJ Smith fan who pictures themself as a part of her books. Currently we have crossed over Night World and Forbidden Game and will eventually add Secret Circle!

Set about a year after the Dark Visions trlogy, with the five coming back to open up The Institute to other struggling psychics.

Secret Circle: Blessed Be
The story takes place in New Salem 20 years later. The original Coven who finally beat Black John has grown up and has kids whom have lived in this, now, quiet peaceful town whom the only disruption is ...

The Hunters Inc.
RPG accepting characters from any L.J. Smith book; set up as a business that employs bounty hunters, assassins, etc.

Night World Clubs
The beginning, the alpha. Where the community resides.

The Forgotten Dragon Adventures
This is the main website for the Night World RPG The Forgotten Dragon Adventures known as TFDA for short :) People who want to join the RPG are most welcome :)

Circle StarShine
Circle StarShine, a new LJS RPG. Thierry calls in all Daybreakers for an update on the Wild Powers.

Nightsky RPG
A brand new LJ Smith RPG that is welcoming characters from the nightworld,and vampire diaries. Book characters as well as origional. All species, and mixs are welcome as well.

A brand new RPG based on l.j. smiths Night world, and Vampire Diaries. All species including new ones welcome, and book characters as well as your won. All are welcome.

Elementis Temple RPG
A few decades before the ‘Final Darkness’ is to come, three out of the four Wild Powers have been found, but the fourth still eludes the Nightworld’s clutches. As the new millennium draws closer, many ...