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Join with others who work with the SoulCollage® process as developed by Seena B. Frost, M. Div., M.A., author of the book SoulCollage® an intuitive collage process for individuals and groups. All websites and bloggers are welcome who offer SoulCollage images and writings. Sites with --only-- lists of links. Items for sale or plagiarized material will not be allowed. The Principles of SoulCollage® can be viewed online at http://www.soulcollage.com

Welcoming the Unwanted
SoulCollage cards

Occasional offecommunitys of SoulCollage(R) cards and their meanings, reflections on topics being discussed in Kaleidosoul group. All things SoulCollage from Imelda (Practicing SoulCollage since 2003, ...

SoulCollage Journey - Taexalia
Tracking myself through the SoulCollage process... a creative journey of discovery.

The New Moon Journal
Come explore the stars, your mystery and myth found within bits of paper and glue. At the New Moon Journal Michele Lessirard offers practical astrology for magical results using story and the SoulCollage® ...

An excellent resource for any artist, writer, or soul-seeker, KaleidoSoul is a playground of activities, ideas, community, and resources for anyone interested in SoulCollage®. SoulCollage® is a mystical, ...

New Moon Community Invite
Michele gives detailed instructions on how to join the SoulCollage WebCommunity

Groggy Froggy
A friendly blog that has followed my journey of artistic discovery. Now I watch in wonder as my soul reveals itself.

a woman's world of survival, nature, travel, expeeriences

The Adventures of Groovy Holly
personal blog, thoughts on life and some art and neat links.

This is where I share my daily SoulCollage® readings. I will also list upcoming workshops!

This is a blog I set up with the intention of making a new set of tarot cards - before a single tarot card had been created I discovered SoulCollage® and since then that's all I've done!

From the Riverbank
A collection of my SoulCollage(R) cards and their meanings for me. Visit, enjoy, comment!

SoulCollage®: The Anatomy of a Workshop
AcapellaSoul site features comprehensive description, and schedule of SoulCollage® workshops in the Chicago area, offered by trained facilitator. Site links to facilitator's SoulCollage® Cards and wri ...

AcapellaSoul Card Gallery
SoulCollage® Cards & Interpretations

AcapellaSoul Card Gallery 2
SoulCollage® Cards of Shadow & Light. Includes Interpretations.

Soul Works
A place to share my SoulCollage Cards and art

soulcollage talkabout
SoulCollage® is very fun. Find images. Cut. Paste. Magically you have a collaged card that is a message from you to you -- your Soul speaking. Keep making cards. Now you have a whole deck! Using SoulCollage ...

The KNittingJOurneyman With Apprentices
A collection of my art work, soulcolalge cards, ideas and meandecommunitys

shine the divine
On this site you will find inspiration,images and musings about creativity as a spiritual practice. I believe in Divine Sparks-and that they are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to ...

Yolinna Spirit
Yolinna is a yoga teacher, reiki healer and SoulCollage Facilitator. Her site is filled with insights, color and humor.

Voices of the Soul
This is my blog which will be following my journey into the wonderful process that is SoulCollage.

Groggy Froggy SoulCollage
Shacommunity all things SoulCollage and the Law of Attraction.

SoulCollagers Circle
SoulCollagers Circle is a community of people who uses SoulCollage® to support, heal and empower their life's journey. All are welcome!

Mirrored Reflections
Mirrored Reflections strives to awaken the soul though creative mediums, including poetry, visual art, and spiritual riddles. I created this blog in hopes to embrace those out there who want to connect ...