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Dedicated to the Newfoundland and keeping the breed pure.

Bit O' Heaven Newfoundlands
Information and pictures of our newfies. We show our newfies in conformation, obedience, and agility.

Love Newfs
Anyone who loves these big balls of fur will take great pleasure in perusing this site... Unique items that are not sold anywhere else in the country, novelty items, and must-haves!!!

Black Watch Newfoundlands
We are a small kennel in WA breeding for health and temperment. Take a pawz to view the photo's of the dogs of the past and present & their pedigrees.

Doggie Diamonds
Exclusive Custom Products for the Dog Lover. 850+ breed poses printed or embroidered on over 75 products in 137 breeds.

K9 Pedigree Directory
This site is for all types of dog owners to enter their dogs pedigree, photo, URL, email, phone numbers, address, and more on a FREE page for the world to see and contact you at above addresses.{;}

Picabo Newfoundlands
Welcome to Picabo Newfoundlands. We have great fun with our Newfoundland Dogs. Blacks and Landseers. Puppies occasionally. Lots of photos and general information.

Yesallaw Newfoundland Kennels
Yesallaw Newfoundlands in Tasmania, Australia. Blacks & Landseers for shows, obedience, cart work and pets

Out of the Earth
Out of the Earth is dedicated to providing safe, natural alternatives to assist with the healing of body, mind and spirit of pets and their people. We specialize in aromatherapy blends and massage, flower ...

Newf Emporium
The largest site offecommunity gifts in all price ranges devoted to the Newfoundland dog breed{;}

Long Island Newf Connection
Long Island Newf Owners Unite {;}Join our forum and find out all the upcoming events and connect with other Newfoundland dog owners in the {;}Long Island Area.{;}Messaage board, Photo gallery & Chat. ...

Decks Awash Newfoundlands - Hamden, CT
Decks Awash Newfoundlands - We are Newfoundland owners and enthusiasts from Hamden, CT. We have blacks, landseers and sometimes puppies. See photos of our Newfs here.

Newfoundlands in Holland ,lots of links and pics

CJ's Page
A Newf family in Newfoundland Canada.{;}Site contains some scenery of Newfoundland as well.{;}

The End of the Line
We are occasional breeders of black and brown Newfoundlander dogs.Our goals are to breed a beautiful and healthy Newf.{;}We are members of the Dutch Newfoundland Club (NNFC){;}

Images of Dryad Midnight Sea Esprit of Blackwatch, aka Spree, together with a few links.{;}

Thickish Newfoundlands Kennel
Home page of Thickish Newfoundland Kennel, full of pictures, pedigrees and show's results {;}

Newf Drool
{;}This site has pictures and short writings about our dogs, as well as some information about Newfoundlands, and Sir Landseer.

Casa Loma Newfoundlands
Specializing in breeding and showing brown newfoundland dogs for the show community or great family pets !{;}

Free email address at Newfoundlands.net
Free email address at Newfoundlands.net

Bärbach Newfoundlands
Visit our Newfs in Germany, how we life, our litters, shows, many informations, spinning dogwool and many other things. {;}

Midnight Newfoundlands
Lots of photos of my Newfs doing what Newfies do best. From conformation to water, draft and therapy work.

Aotea Newfoundlands
Who we are and where we live with our Newfs, and contact information for genuine interested people looking for a Newfoundland for a future friend and companion.{;}

Lotta Love Newfs
pictures, pedigree, awards, links

Working Newfs
Dedicated to Working Newfoundlands. Submitt a photo of your working dog for our Photo Gallery. Graphics and more.

Kissing Kelly kennel
I am a Japanese who lives together with Newfys. Please meet Newfy of the Scandinavia line which lives in Japan.{;}