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Diarys of the students of the 11th university in Florida

some person's diary
do it do it do it till you're satisfied (whatever it is).

Man of Mystery
Dangerous Dames. Beautiful Broads. Men of Steel. Gentleman Adventurers. Action. Adventure. Scientific Romance. And the odd commentary on life, love, and comic books. At least its funny. Most of ...

To Wish Impossible Things
Let's just say that Roarty covered for me once and let it go at that. Old school NC.

Pretentious White-boy Musings
Quasi-philosophical ramblings of a very 'very' actor.

A light that does not see the black of Coal
The observations of a relatively non-prolific playwrite/historian and minor insights into the bs and culture that collude into such a person

Elfy's Place
It's my diary, much like yours, I'm sure, only I wrote this.

Your Dog Hates You
She was engaged to a gymnast who died in midair, and supposedly she never recovered.

Wheel! Of! FISH!
Madness pervades, work dissuades.{;}{;}Foolishness reigns, responsibility pains.{;}{;}Lunacy rules, sanity drools.

Julieclipse Dreams Dolphins
Julieclipse talks about herself and the world, and especially about her love of dolphins.

Letters From the End of Time
blah and blah

Voce de Pairodox Thnaiskein
DiaryLand Page

Sick Sad World
Ramblings. Thats all it is.