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Amc Cars for sale as well as other makes for sale. Pictures of amc's and Chrysler cars.

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Helping to keep your AMC Drive Alive by providing reproduction rubber and specailtiy parts. Door Locks , Vacuum Wiper Motor rebuilding service, weatherstrips, trunk and door seals and more.

The AMC Matador Site
Site is mainly devoted to the Matador 4DR. Registry and Classifieds for Matadors and related parts included. Eagle Wagon Registry also.

Streaming Windows Media Player Videos. AMO National shows, drag racing, Trans Am Javelins. See the 1966 AMX Prototype, Convertible AMX and SS AMX videos. My 14 year collection of AMC videos is now online. ...

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1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates, Signs & Light Switch Covers that are the Highest Quality Embossed Aluminum & we ship worldwide. There are many laugh out loud funny, John Deere, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, ...

The New AMC

When it comes to America’s automotive history, there have been very few companies that have been able to emerge and challenge Detroit’s Big 3: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Considering the historical roots that these companies have had in the development of the car from a small, odd project to multi-billion dollar industry, it isn’t surprising to learn that many independent automakers haven’t been able to make a dent into these company’s domination of the American car market. The rise of Japanese automakers in the late 1970s added an extra squeeze on the competitive car market. Ultimately, the competition squeezed out one of the few remaining competitors of the market – American Motors Corporation (AMC).

The story of AMC can be traced back to 1954 when the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation had successfully merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company in the largest business merger ever at that point in time. While the idea of combining two respected independent automakers was a smart one, the combined assets of these two companies still could not match the massive resources of the big 3. American Motors Corporation attempted to stick around for a long time and fight the good fight. It has produced a number of cars that are now considered collectibles and would last until 1987 where it eventually was bought out by Chrysler.

Although at the time, AMC was viewed as being in shambles, American Motors Corporation is enjoying a renewed examination of its legacy. While it was viewed as a money pit and a risky move on Chrysler’s part, the purchase of AMC has been credited for Chrysler rebounding from its rough decade in the 1980s and having soaring success in the 1990s. Chrysler flourished after it had obtained AMC’s business and engineering team and even took the unconventional step of disbanding its large scale functional structural units for AMC’s platform team concept, which utilized close-knit, cross-functional groups that were responsible for the entire vehicle from concept to production.

In addition to this change in structure, Chrysler was able to benefit from AMC’s engineering team and even made AMC’s lead engineer, Chrysler’s head engineer. What resulted was Chrysler adopting a planned AMC vehicle as its Eagle Medallion. Chrysler also revived a number of AMC’s previous lines like the Spirit and used it under their name, hence the Dodge Spirit. Another car that AMC was working on was used as the genesis for the Eagle Premier, which would evolve into the Dodge Monaco and then later into the Chrysler Concorde.

While one of AMC’s biggest legacies has been the way that it helped turn around the fortunes of Chrysler, it should be noted that American Motors Corporation has had a massive impact on the American automotive industry in general. Facing giants throughout their 33 years, amc had to continually innovate to survive. One of their biggest innovations was using outside suppliers for components for their cars. This flew in the face of the Big Three’s decision to completely build their cars in-house. However, this practice has become the norm in the American automotive industry.

Additionally, AMC was particularly brilliant in anticipating automotive trends before they actually occurred. AMC cars placed fuel efficiency at a premium at a time where most car owners didn’t value it and American Motors Corporation were the first automaker to seek out international partnerships for its manufacturing and sales divisions. Their business acumen was present in their risky decision to become the first automaker to introduce low rate financing. Another first that AMC had was being the first American automaker to seek economic refuge with a foreign automaker. Unfortunately, their partnership with French automaker, Renault, would only last for a decade.

To truly see the innovation of American Motors, one has to take a look at one of their last cars that they produce. One of the newest AMC cars was the AMC Pacer, which is one of the most popular cars that AMC has ever produced. The AMC Pacer was initially produced in 1975 and was available until 1980. This sleek vehicle was the first car that featured an aerodynamic body design that also contained a space efficient interior. This slightly futuristic looking vehicle boasted aircraft style doors and is rapidly approaching car collectible status.

While the sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment of the automotive industry would rapidly rise after the demise of AMC, American Motors Corporation has been credited for foreshadowing the popularity of these vehicles. The AMC four wheel drive vehicles contained many of the stylistic innovations that have become expected in the latest SUV vehicles. Additionally, AMC was the first automaker to market their vehicles to the outdoors enthusiasts with their classic Jeeps. Marketing their vehicles as an outdoors friendly vehicle that were made for people who love the rugged outdoors, AMC essentially created the marketing campaign that many SUV automakers follow to this day.

Although the jeep has become an iconic American vehicle, this type of vehicle had a long history of being a money loser until American Motors Corporation bought Kaiser-Jeep Corporation in the 1970s. The Jeep Cherokee and Wagoneer models that AMC introduced in 1983 helped establish the jeep market and featured many of the standards that have helped define what a modern SUV should be. Utilizing a 4.0 L I6 engine in their 1987 Jeep Cherokee, AMC consistently set the standard of what outdoor utility vehicles should be until they were eventually bought out by Chrysler.

The car industry is a funny thing. Although the ‘new’ AMC vehicles that American Motors produced prior to being bought out by Chrysler were heavily acclaimed, the most popular AMC cars continue to be older models. Vehicles like the 1957 Rambler Rebel, the 1965-1967 Rambler Marlin, the 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler, the 1970 Rebel Machine, and the 1971 Hornet SC/360 have attained status as collectible cars. As automakers continue to churn out new cars, you can expect nostalgia among car collectors to change the perception of new AMC cars, which will lead to the last of the AMC cars to also obtain collector status.

With its legacy as the independent automaker that valiantly tried to make it in a competitive industry full of giant automotive corporations, American Motors Corporation is viewed as visionaries. However, their legacy has often overshadowed the excellent cars that they have produced. While car collectors have discovered the traits of older AMC models, if you are looking for a great future car collectible, you can expect that new AMC cars are going to be valued higher in the near future!