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Click Member link to see site in tvSpiritual Beacons
a site dedicated to spiritual love

Lady Vipers Haven
my site is family oriented and safe for all ages. i have a memorial to my mother and an angel page. I also have a site connected to this one on child abuse prevention.

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is committed to helping all survivors of all forms of abuse, now including hate crime survivors. We are especially committed to helping to raise child abuse awareness, and are proactively ...

Enchanted Land of CyberSpace
My site has Poetry, Family Info, Some Graphics, Zids Zone, Communitys, and my Survivor Story from Abuse that has happened to me to help others, and help myself.

community against child abuse
Part of my site about stopping child abuse. Letting the world know about this to inform them and to stop it NOW

Our Communitys
My site offers free graphics, free backgrounds, free personalized graphics, poetry, documented internet harassment, breast reduction information, and HTML tutorials to make Geocities web pages and AOL ...

Mandy's Place
all about Mandy

Laila's Palace
A place about anything and everything.

Surviving Child Abuse
My story of life as a child and what it has meant to me to be a survivor of child abuse.

Knightgale's Raging Fire
My child abuse story, links, resources for information on prevention of child abuse

My Home On The Web
A little of everything, has a page against child abuse.

Abuse No More
poems, writtings, help sites, links, etc. on domestic violence and victims of abuse.{;}

God's Majesty
God's message of Salvation; Daily Devotionals; inspirational songs and poetry to Our Father; my personal testimony & my personal cause - the elimination of child abuse - my story as a survivor of child ...

Welcome to My World
this page is about all kinds of Abuse, links, Stories, Survival, HOPE

Shawnas Place
This is my personal site. I am against child abuse. All children need to be treated with lots of love and kindness.

The Official Undo the Deed Web Site
"Undo the Deed" is a time travel story with a child abuse theme. Author Adam-Michael James wrote his book initially as an expression of his own abuse experiences, but now hopes to help all victims of abuse---past, ...

The Realm of JadedSilverMist
Site of a 20 year old survivor of child abuse, who has multiple personalities as a result. Site includes many things, such as info on mpd/did & my struggles with being a multiple, as well as many many ...

Krista's Home on the Web
This is a personal site with a collection of inspirational stories.

Missing Children
I have numerous links and information sites for parents to protect and help all children.

My personal Homepage
My personal homepage with links to my adopted e-friends and others.

ForeverTears-My Safe Haven
My aim here is to provide a safe haven of HEART felt warmth and care for myself, others who have suffered from abuse and their supporters. A tranquil atmosphere, where we may all visit to gain some understanding ...

Country Fairy's Lil Corner Of Hope-Love and Education
Family friendly website dedicated to a mixed potpourri of causes in which we support, ranging from Internet Safety for kids,Amber Alert,How to locate sexual preditors in your surrounding area,Domestic ...

Concrete Angel
Child abuse is one of the most heatbreaking crimes in the world. Please, help stop it and save the children.

Angela (Angellady)
about my life living through child abuse. Getting sober trying to get my son safe from abuse. Need your help to help me. My spiritual awakening. Angel pages and friend pages and more.

stories, links, books, alot info for anyone looking for help from ,incest, child abuse, domestic abuse, plus

Multiple Treasures
Christian Support for those with MPD/DID, survivors of sexual abuse.

Kentucky Kinfolk Organization
An organization for family members founded in Southeast Kentucky, with a great care for family and fighting child abuse

Calm Harbor
Links and prayer board.

Miranda's Kountry Kitchen
My site is all about recipes and things for your kitchen!!!

Bran does America
28 yr old canadian SAHM living in new york married to yankee husband and two young kids.

Shattered Souls-Putting the Pieces Back Into Place After Sexual Abuse or Incest
Shattered Souls is a site dedicated to educating the public about the devastation caused by the short and long term effects of sexual abuse and incest against our children. Developed by the mother ...

What about when Mom is the abuser?
A site raising awareness of Female Abusers ranging from Female sexual offenders, mother-daughter incest, murder, torture, neglect, etc. Information, articles, data for survivors as well.

Embracing the Father's Love
Embracing the Father's Love, understanding we have a faithful Father in Heaven. Loving Him a His child

Help the Children
Site dedicated to the welfare of children.

David's Sword
A tastefully written children's book for encouraging molested children, and those suspected of being molested, that it is safe to tell.