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This community is to bcommunity all of the Internet together as one force. A force against child abuse. We must all come together as one body and make a change. It is time to make the Child Abuse a heinious crime to commit. As I look around I see that the consquences and punishments for these crimes against children, in no way shape or form, are as they should be. If you want to make a difference. If you want to see change. If you have a heart, then this community is for you. Won't you join?

Country Spice
My page is devoted to try and stop child abuse/child pornography in this world. Children are precious and should be treated as such.

In memory of Sylvia
A dedication to Sylvia Likens who was tourtured and murdered in 1965

Tobi's Place
CAUSES I believe in and advocate for such as removing childrens pictures from your web pages.{;} Personal interests in boating and the river. Angels, Poetry and TeddyBears. ...

Mommies Club House
Join Mothers from around the world who love their children. enter our FREE photo contests with{;} prizes going to the winner. Submit your Birth Announcements and Birth Stories. ...

Mystical Side Of Fancy
My sight is an expression of my feeling and love for people and friends.

Kcey's Smallest Angels
Site theme is Missing & Abused Children who are God's Smallest Angels. They were loaned to us to love, protect and care for.

Welcome To Angel Country
My site is on child abuse, mainly the abuse I suffered as a child. It also has my poetry, inspirations, survivors page ect. I have included in it a child abuse help page, I would love to join your community ...

Internet Force communitys
A site that is dedicated to stopping the insanity of child abuse everywhere!

Welcome to Jane's Home a Safe Haven
My site is dedicated to all victims of abuse, as I have been one.In hope of saving someone from this dreadful life, I have gathered information from books and my own experience, you will find it all on ...

Dedicated to help stop child pornography on the 'net and in life in general. A family site with, I hope,{;} Love and of course my opinions!

Internet Force Against Child Abuse
This community is to bcommunity all of the{;} Internet together as one force. A{;} force against child abuse. We{;} must all come together as one{;} body and make a change. It is{;} ...

Camillia's Place
A place that is dedicated to stopping child abuse!

For The Love Of Children
My site is devoted to all children of abuse and maltreatment. We have to make a stand together! I have{;} a logo to put on your site in support for all children. I add your ...

Dereka_k's Child Care links and Homepage
Dereka_k's Child Care links and Homepage

Coyote Jo's Welcome To My Page
Visit Alberta, Canada, my family and their history as New Canadians, lots of pics, Poetry, Short Stories, my Angels, Blessed Memories, Causes/Links, Dedications, Midi's, Win Awards, awards and gifts I've ...

Angel Acres Garden
An ever-changing, photographic tour of my gardens, my family, angels, fairies, poetry, 50's midis, and more

Sherre's Place
My website is about family,and children...everday Life

Escape From Reality

M.O.M. (Momi's On a Mission)
A new and exciting online women's network. We offer great things for you and your family.{;} Come check us out!

Breaking the Chains of Silence
An abuse survivor's site with information on dissociation, recovered memories, dissociative amnesia, and fallacies of the FMSF.

Virtual Visions and The Magic Place
I have many wonderful Graphics,tutorials, kids links, and great causes to support children.

Jus Kuntree
Pages to share genealogy, rambling thoughts on life, recipes, greetings, things that I love and make me who I am, photos, and things about my area of Kansas.

Esmeralda's Homepage
A little bit of everything*(~_~)*{;}But child friendley.

Care Moms
Learn how you can help an abused child to smile again :)

Remember Our Names
{;}Dedicated to remembecommunity the children who were murdered.