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This community if for anyone with webpage contents that relate to wicca,pagan, magic, natures religion, alternative lifestyles.

Herb Wisdom
All about herbs and their vast array of applications, from culinary to magic. Certified Herbologist gives advise on request.

Temple of Mystical Faiths
Pagan sitw with many paths and link to store

Beautiful World
my personal tribute to the beauty, spirituality, and magick of nature ~ love, children, friendships, art, poetry, and photography... unity and peace on our beautiful blue planet.

Deeva's WICCA Website
A personal, yet infomative site dedicated to the Craft and my journey therein.

pythia's wicca page
Within these pages you will find my personal h notes on different topics of witchcraft. I am not trying to change your beliefs. I am simply answecommunity my own questions and perhaps answecommunity yours ...

A site for those who are interested in wicca, paganism, and or shamanism, or who are looking for help along their chosen path(s).

Druantia: Woman And Witch
a brand new site for witches to be about living the magickal life

Healing Mother Earth
Welcome to my Wiccan journal page where we discuss saving Mother Earth. After reading my views upon saving or healing Mother Earth, you can continue and visit the rest of my Book of Shadows.

Natyre's Pathe
"Come explore Natyre's Pathe with me and may we find all that we seek and much much more..."

Mines and Mandrakes
As a mine explorer and not a Witch or Pagan at all, I seem to have ended up involved in a witchcraft related adventure. I do not yet know exactly where it will lead, but you may wish to advise, or lend ...

The Spiral Oak
The Spiral Oak is dedicated to helping people learn about Wicca and natural magic. The site has many pages of original infromation that the beginner and experienced Wiccan can gain from.

Musings on life, art, love, and spirituality. Book of Shadows: poetry, chants, and Faery magick for the pure of heart. New posts daily.