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A community for knitting enthusiasts in the Ottawa area.

Whistlepea Knits
A blog about knitting, sewing, cooking, baking and all things crafty.

My Hidden Stash
My adventures with all things fibre related and the occasional embellishment of my every day life.

Pointeshoes Punk Rock And Purl
My knitting blog.

To Knit Is Divine
My random ramblings about knitting and whatever else comes to mind

poetic knits
my knitting musings, gallery & exploration of the online knitting community


knit drink knit drink...where was I?
Just a little visit to my neighborhood where we'll knit and craft, share a laugh (or 2) and drink (or 8). If you can't serve as a good example, the least that you can do is serve as a terrible, terrible ...

Kit's Knit Spot
Knitting... an island of stillness in a river of crazy.

The Fish Knits


After Asia
Random ramblings about knitting, spinning and my insane life in general

Knit My Grits
A knitting blog that occasionally steers away from knitting onto something else that has me goosed.

Wool-Crazy In Ottawa
A wool-crazy Ottawan, blogs about a life spent knitting in the Nation's Capital.

Finding Forty Gathecommunity Knitting
A blog about 2 knitters who are turning forty and trying to help out Afghanistan through donations of knit clothing

Yarn Over, Ligatures; Same Difference

Long-time knitter rediscovers her old passion in a geekish way.

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting/life blog of a 20-something graduate student living and loving in Ottawa.

Shacommunity my experiences in knitting and the fibre arts. My children feature prominently. I post self-designed patterns when I remember to write them down.

Betsey Doodle
knitting - what else is there?