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{;}Visit my tribute page to Bill Elliott. We have unique pics and many great NASCAR links. Take a virtual ride in my classic Pink Cadillac Convertible, and see pics of the real "Pink Champagne" and my ...

JC's news in NASCAR, with special Devotion to DEI, RCR, and whomever JC wants to sound off on!

Commentary on happenings in the Nascar world. Also includes fan fiction and other random things

Who I Am
Special Tribute site to the Earnhardt Family in Honor of "Dale", we have allot of pictures,bg sound on each page, we are adding pages weekly, This site is some unusual in it's own way they are put together ...

DEI, The Awesome 3-some
A site dedicated to Dale Earnhardt Inc. (DEI) and The Awesome 3-some, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Steve Park, and Michael Waltrip.{;}

Ticia's Dale, Jr's Playground
A page dedicated to the driver of the #8 Budweiser Chevy Monte Carlo, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Site includes News, Bio, Links, Pictures and Rants.

Nascar Heaven
About nascar, Dale, Jr, Rusty, and DEI

Golddust Treasures Gifts & Collectibles
We carry many licensed Collectible, Including: Coca-Cola, Nascar, Pepsi, Doughboy, m&m's, Betty Boop and Elvis.{;}Visit our website for secure, on-line shopping!

My Nascar communitys
A communitys page for all nascarcommunitys i own.

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Pit Road Radio
Tune in for the latest news, results and interviews at Pit Road Radio.

RacingForTheWin.com is the best source for motorsports news and analysis, covecommunity NASCAR, IRL, F1, NHRA, IHRA, ARCA, and more.


Are you a NASCAR lover? If so, you know that NASCAR has been around for decades. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Racing. SO what’s a stock car? The stock cars used by NASCAR are quite different to the cars we use to drive to work. The roots of NASCAR are in Daytona Beach, Florida, where people began racing stock cars. During times of prohibition in America, bootleggers modified their cars to be lighter and faster and carry more cargo so that they could transport alcohol and evade the cops in a car chase. Today, NASCAR racing is the biggest “sport”, after football of course, watched by Americans. If you’ve never watched NASCAR on tv, the idea of watching cars drive around in circles a bit absurd. It is. So how did NASCAR become so popular? Well, back in the day there was a huge snowstorm in the eastern United States and it just happened that there was some NASCAR footage being aired on TV at the time. Since everyone across the eastern states was snowed in, they sat around the TV and watched NASCAR. NASCAR got fantastic ratings and soon had many sponsors and races across North America. Today, there are NASCAR races across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with more NASCAR to come around the globe. NASCAR races in the United states and Mexico are sponsored by various beer and tobacco companies. NASCAR in Canada however, is sponsored by Canadian Tire, a Canadian hardware store that also sells car stuff and NASCAR paraphernalia.


In recent years, nascar has received a lot of criticism. You wouldn’t know it from visiting nascar.com because nascar is so good at silencing its critics. In fact, the nascar owners have been called dictators of the nascar world due to the way they treat their nascar drivers. Some say that the nascar owners make up nascar rules on a whim in the middle of a nascar race. For a list of nascar rules and regulations, go to nascar.com. Even if nascar is a big evil empire backed by tobacco companies and Nazis, they still manage to sell a lot of nascar tickets. If you’re looking for nascar tickets, look on nascar.com. If nascar.com doesn’t have your tickets try eBay or craigslist. If you’re looking for tickets at nascar.com, why not pick up a nascar.com t-shirt while you’re at it. The nascar.com website has a merchandise section where you can buy nascar hats, nascar flags, and all sorts of other nascar stuff. There’s actually a section on nascar.com where you can buy nascar office furniture, including nascar car-shaped rugs and throw blankets as well as nascar lamps and nascar beanie chairs. That’s right, nascar beanie chairs for your office. You can also find things like nascar bikinis, nascar camping equipment, nascar hats and socks, and even nascar scanners on nascar.com.

Nascar Tickets

If it’s nascar tickets you want, you’d better buy them well in advance of the nascar races because nascar races tend to sell out fast. If you know someone who’s scalping nascar tickets, please report them to nascar.com. NASCAR hates scalpers. If you’ve already got your nascar tickets, them enjoy the race. If you’re looking for a birthday gift for your dad, buy him some nascar tickets at nascar.com. I have yet to meet someone who didn’t appreciate receiving nascar tickets for their birthday from nascar.com. The great thing about nascar tickets is that they allow you to go see a nascar race and then you get to keep your nascar ticket stub as a souvenir so that you can tell your grandchildren all about the time you bought those nascar tickets on nascar.com. You’d think nascar tickets would be easier to come by judging by the size of the nascar stadiums where nascar races are held. But somehow, all of the nascar tickets sell out, to the dismay of loyal nascar fans. If you manage to get your grubby nascar-loving hands on some nascar tickets, you can only hope that you’ll see some awesome nascar crashes.

Nascar Crashes

Lots of nascar fans live for nascar crashes. In this way, nascar is a bit like a demolition derby, but with far more expensive cars. You’d think that nascar crashes would be disturbing for nascar fans. After all, the nascar drivers can get seriously injured in nascar crashes because they travel at such high speeds. Some nascar crashes end with the nascar car bursting into flames with paramedics trying to pull the nascar driver from the nascar wreckage. Which reminds me of another nascar criticism I’ve heard – that nascar drivers are treated very poorly. Now, it’s hard to sympathize with nascar drivers because although they risk serious nascar injuries and don’t get paid a fraction of what the nascar owners get paid, they do make an awful lot of money from driving in nascar races. For a lot of people, driving in a nascar race is a lifelong dream. Anyway, if it’s nascar crashes that tickle your fancy, you can probably buy some nascar crashes DVDs on nascar.com.

Nascar Schedule

We briefly discussed how to buy nascar tickets but we didn’t talk about the nascar schedule. If you’re to have any hope of getting your hands on nascar tickets, you’d better know the nascar schedule. You’ll have to keep checking the nascar schedule to find out where and when nascar races are so that you can get your nascar tickets before they sell out. If you’re interested in checking out the nascar schedule to see when the next nascar race is happening near you, visit nascar.com and go to the nascar schedule section. There’ll you’ll find a nascar schedule. When you find a nascar event on the nascar schedule that you’d like to go to, buy your nascar tickets from nascar.com and enjoy the race with someone you love.