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A community for all Naruto-related websites.

Bloodmist and Snow
shrine to haku and zabuza

...another Kakashi fansite :3

a tribute to Konoha's fourth hokage!

~ Team Kakashi ~
The very first shrine to Team Kakashi! (Obito, Rin and Kakashi)!

a shrine to gaara. kinda small, sadly not updated a lot, but loved anywho. hurray

Shy Girl
A Shrine dedicated to Hyuga Hinata.

Shinobi Addiction: A KakaIru Tribute
It's a yaoi shrine dedicated to Kakashi and Iruka. It has info, fanfiction, images, a group, and links.

Fire Country's Hidden Leaf Village
This is an RPG Forum where you can be any character from the series, or you can even make up your own character to run around Konohagakure.

Naruto Nindo
A site dedicated to RPing in the World of Naruto about 100 years after the original storyline, yet the origins of back then still effect the world of today...

An in-depth shrine dedicated to Haruno Sakura, the underappreciated female ninja of Team 7. Contains lots of info and media, so be sure to stop by! ^^

Puppet-Shrine for Sasori
A shrine for the Akatsuki member and master puppeteer Akasuna No Sasori.

Naru Tube
Naruto Fan Site - Forums, Profiles, Shippuuden Episodes, Videos and more. Stop by and say hello.

Jade Melady S Wheel aged 10 years old tall for her age with bright dark green eyes what shine the way the moon reflects on water, fair skin and long, silky pure straight dark brown hair what shines in ...