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A community for democratic socialist leaning bloggers.

Democratic Left Infoasis
news, views, and info from the Left

Read the ramblings of a socialist-environmentalist

Morbid Symptoms
This blog navigates and maps the morbid symptoms of a society where the old is dying and the new cannot yet be born.

Guy Blaise: African Proverbs and Political Commentary
African proverbs, proverbs, sayings, African sayings, African quotes, African tribes, quotes, political opinion, presidential election, Democrats, liberals, commentary, current events

The Modern Left
The Modern Left is a political blog written by people on the political left for people on the political left.

Citizen Against Lies
A political and news blog from a very liberal perspective. I consider myself a Green eco-socialist.

LeftAmerica is a political blog coming from the far left. Also, I dabble in Religion and other issues. I will be telling my thoughts on how America should work, and how Democratic Socialism fits with ...