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A community for bloggers who post entries whilst naked.

Region Broad
The life and angst of a 34-year old free-lance newspaper reporter who has underwear all over her house. You know, because she'd rather buy new than do laundry.

Being Amber Rhea
A twentysomething feminist web developer tells it like it is.

relating to my cock
a place where i a) muse about the things that make me come, why certain things are erotic to me, & b) talk about the erotic writing that i do or want to do.

Kelli's Corner
Companion blog to monthly article on writing and/or erotica which will be located on Logical Lust, an erotica site.

She Who Will Be Obeyed!
The original Nekkid Blogger!

The Home of one of Jonah's Military Guys. Bloviations on things military, political, pets, books, and guns.

Straight White Guy
Stuff everyone should read at LEAST once in their life...maybe...

Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table
This is a blogsite thatís updated almost daily by a man with a very unusual outlook on the world around him. I write about myself, my friends, the job, my opinion on whatís going on in the world around ...

my name is luka. yes, i think you've seen me before.

Mind of Mog
blog, Macaddict, Mozilla Fan, warbloggger, Bush blogger, conservative, Final Fantasy fan, Sephiroth lover.

Musey's Hole in One
I watch men hit balls. I'm a chick, err, woman with a sense of humor who adores golf and the men who play the game. This golfblog will be written from my point of view. A little sassy, a little sexy, ...

Ang's Weird Ideas
A mix of current events and parents who shouldn't be with a dash of craziness and for some fun a little sexual frustration thrown in.

A Swift Kick & A Band-Aid

Tara Tainton ~author, lover, experientiallist
A real babe existing in the real world with a sexy mind, a really sexy body, and an even sexier attitude. Step into the true life of a sex writer.

way to lose
just my random site about my pointless existence.

Groanin' Jock
General moans and groans on life on the West Coast of Scotland

Party Of One
Party Of One