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To be used for any web competition ie The Site Fights, Web Brawls, etc... fighters that are loyal and against blind votes to help find more friends and supporters...if this is you, come and join!!!:) Any competition is welcome!

Penycat's VE list
A Vote Exchange list for those sites that are in a web competition. Not a vote for everyone everyday list, just a list of those looking for other supporters. Come join, go through the list and find more ...

Welcome to my Worlds
All about my life both here and in the real:)

jo and chris' spot
pooh den bosch lionking simbas pride photos{;}

Beary Cute
everything to do with bears: tarepandas, Care bears etc

My Spirit Haven
Spirit Spiderweb is shacommunity her spirit with D'Site Fight's Theater! tons and tons of spirit here!

Ankhx Spirit
my spirit page, gifts and communitys..{;}