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A collection of websites by artists who create mystical art, inspired by magic and myth, fauna and flora, Celtic, Egyptian and other ancient art, faeries, angels and everything else that enchants us!

Galerij Damusa
Spiritual paintings have been painted in several techniques such as oil painting, acryl and wax. The paintings doesn\'t have a title: everyone sees something different and feels different emotions.

MysticViews/Angelic Whispers
Angelic Whispers was created for all those that {;}find themselves searching along their path's journey, {;}for that special light and love that will help them walk their {;}path's knowing they are never ...

Fabiana Kofman - Pinturas
Art site of the argentinian Fabiana Kofman, she takes you to her world of realistic paintings, inspiration, fantasy and light.Maidens, dolphins, interiors, Greece, angels, and more. Spanish and english ...

Art Blue
Custom Murals and borders, painted special effects and faux finishes Residential and commercial murals. Scenic, historical, childrens, fantasy, personalized. Gallery of Murals and Paintings on canvas ...

Women in fantasy illustrations, the beauty of Women as fabulous creatures, portaits of women

Flying Colours Creations
Fairies, Mermaids, enchanted mythical creatures! Modern day nymphs with attitude to traditional sirens with beguiling eyes! Over 100 beautiful and original artworks by Hannah Fraser!

Artworks by Joseph D. Greenwood
Gallery of fantasy, wildlife, and surreal sci-fi art in a variety of mediums. "Imagination is the infinite realm. Unlock the door...and fear not the journey beyond."

Fantasy Airbrush Sketchbook
This site is a collection of my original artwork.

Hawkdancing Studio
Hawkdancing Studio: pottery, sculpture, drums, vessels, and jewelry; celebrating Goddess, shamanic, and animal imagery. From totem fetish pieces, to porcelain clay sculpture, and pottery vessels. Welcome ...

Moores Art Gallery
Colored pencil artwork done by Carol Moore. Featucommunity her works of wildlife, floral, mystical, equine and portraits of people

Skyfoot Goddess Glass
Goddess altars, lamps and custom work in stained glass. All original designs.

MysticViews/Angelic Whispers
Angelic Whispers was created for the spiritual growth of all that venture on the path leading .....home....Within the pages of this site you will find many Angels, Guides, inspicommunity poetry and some ...

Ocean Inspirations
My love of diving and marine life led me to create a fine line of Dolphin & Whale treasure boxes. Underwater photos of some of my favorite sea creatures and the magic of being under the sea.{;}

Planet Of Exile
A 3d mystical Planet Of Exile lost somewhere in space and time in an unknown universe

SYL AND Ric's animated virtual galleries:fine art and drawings,pastels,experimental photographs,hypersurrealistic paintings and web design.

The Redrope Project
A mysterious red rope travels through various scenes and situations. What does the red rope mean?

Surreal paintings and drawings, surnatural and experimental photographs,{;}original animations and webdesign: get your kicks in Syl and Ric's picture magic!

Art and photos by Liselotte Eriksson.

Mystic Art by Eljay
A collection of 8 1/2" X 11" prints from the original paintings of the artist. All are signed, matted and ready to frame.{;}Subjects include persons, places and times in unusual combinations, often with ...

FaeriePrints.com - Fantasy Art by Nedda
Original Faerie and Fantasy art by Nedda Angelina Shishegar

Dream Corridors
Enter the dream world of surreal digital and fine art. Faeries, goddesses and other magical creatures and mystical places await you. Site features free e-cards, websets and wallpaper.

Tiphereth Glass Studio
Our goal is to create art that awakens the spirit while it beautifies the space. Here you will find unique stained glass, hand-crafted soaps, lovingly crafted bunny fur bags and paintings that will take ...

Virtual Landscapes
3d fantasy landscapes.A mystical dream

Li's pages
Poetry, fairy-tales, novels (much in german); theater, paintings, ...

Varian's Angeldreams: AngelRealms
Galleries of original fine art angel images, and an explanation of the digital process. Also includes sections of a vast collection of angelic quotations, and original angel web graphics.{;}{;}