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Click Member link to see site in tvFat Bitches Rule!!
I' fed up with skinny people trying to act like they know how to lose weight.

Master Of My Own Thin Frame
A weight loss and self discovery blog.

I have goals
I am using leptopril to raise my metabolism, working out, and changing my eating habits. I can be very mean to myself, no I am not huge but I know I have potential and I wanna acheieve it. My goal body ...

Slinky Chink
A personal blog on my life and my quest to be slim, healthy and beautiful.

The Grumpy Chair Dieter
A journal of my diet triumphs and failures as I work toward my goal of losing one pound per week.

14 days of diet pills
My own experience (and some success) with a diet product called "Proshape pills". I've also done an excel document to log weight changes!

Neilmct.com personal training
A blog by Irish Personal Trainer Neil McTeggart. Expect to find everything to help you on your muscle gain / fat loss journey - simple guides and helpful tips all mixed in together and deleivered in an ...

This site is maintained by a 20-something female working to elongate her life through eating better and working out. She's losing weight every day and will soon reach her goal of 100lbs lost. Follow her ...

Life Change Blog
A personal blog about my journey to lose weight, get out of debt, and improve my life!

Jamie's Weight Loss Journey
This is my blog about my daily life now that I am no longer super morbidly obese. I did not have gastric bypass and I did not start on a fad diet plan. I am just a normal person who decided after a health ...

My Life As A Yo-Yo Dieter
My blog is about my struggles to lose weight, stay clean and sober while doing so and to rely on God to help me achieve my new way of life.

Personal Journey to a New Found Me!
Watch me as I transform myself from fatty to hottie in 2007! I will provide tips and advice that I learn along the way!

Weight Master
weblog about weight loss along with general nutrition and fitness information

Diet, Cooking, and Exercise
A former chef chronicles his journey to lose weight and reduce blood pressure with exercise, recipe modification, and dieting, Low fat, low sodium dieting may seem antithetical, one or the other, but not ...

Hot Fat 4 Sale
Expanding the mind and shrinking the body after weight loss surgery.

Diary of An Angry Fat Woman
This is a diary of my weight loss journey. I am blunt about my weight, weight loss, my life, certain annoyances and I even mention camel toe a few times. ;)

50 pounds in 50 weeks
After hitting an all-time high of 236 lbs at a recent doctor's visit, I've decided I've had enough of my poor diet and exercise routine. This journal is part of my program to change how I live so that ...

Spin Jumbie Blog
Thoughts and ramblings of a spin addict

The Tao of Terri
I am a 60 year old woman. I am overweight and have been sedentary for quite a while, but I'm trying to reverse the condition by becoming a beginning runner. If you are looking for a running blog that discusses ...

The Rule of Three Diet
My diet is all based around 3's. Please check it out!

Dieting In Hell
I'm a 46 year old IT professional who has been studying fine cuisine for years, and it has taken its toll. So I'm on a mission to save myself from an early death by safely losing five pounds a month for ...

Wyndancyr's Weightloss Weblog
The accounts of a 30-something woman as she runs, stumbles-but-gets-up-again and dashes toward the “real her”. It isn’t going to be an easy journey. Standing between the “old her” and the “new her” is ...

Less of Me
I've watched all the weightloss infomercials there are and finally figured it out! It wasn't the gimmicky product being hawked that made those people successful - it was that each and everyone of them ...

Tel in the City
Tel in the City is all about support; giving support out to friends who are trying to get fit and lead healthy lives, and being inspired by friends who are there as my cheerleaders.

Chunkie Munkie
A weight loss blog to keep track of my progress and journey.

Scale Junkie
With over 200 pounds to lose, Scale Junkie is on a mission to reclaim her health through eating a healthy diet and exercise. Lots of fun, recipes and pictures of my puppies too!

Fighting the Fat Dragon
I'm fighting a dragon and this time I'm gonna kick his backside. Bcommunity on the carrots ... it's show time ...

The Skinny...
...on our journey of eating healthy, exercising, losing weight and feeling great!

Finding Flabuless
The Diet Blog of a Flabuless Diva. Documenting her journey from Flab to Flabuless. Also showcasing her own unique cartoon strip The Lighter Side of Large based on the experiences of a `Fat` Girl looking ...

A Healthy Path
Thoughts on obesity, food, and the challenge to be fit. Share one blogger's journey to lose over 100 pounds.

Another dietblog
got 20kg to lose by eating a healthy diet and regjular excercise. This blog will document my journey back to the old me

Junk Food Dreams
My battle against junk food and laziness to lose weight and get healthy.

The Lean Me
A Weight Loss Blog

salubrious fervor
Going on a journey of health and passion. I will be working through my bi-polar disorder while trying to document my weight loss.

Free Computer Low Carb Diet Planner and Body Fat Estimator
Use a free body fat estimator to figure out your body fat percentage. Then, use this info with our free computer low carb diet planner to get a diet plan customized to your body for maximum success. Also, ...

I hate being overweight.
I am morbidly obese, and I think it's time Istart losing weight. This is my public diary.

Losing it, Little by Little
Shacommunity about my weight loss journey, my triumphs and struggles as I strive for a healthier and thinner me!

Fasting For A Change
I've already lost 135 pounds and with 60 more pounds to go, I'm participating in a medically-supervised liquid fast. Follow my journey toward reaching my goal of good health and loose jeans. Blog guests ...

My 3 Month Challenge
I am documenting my 3 month challenge to becoming fitter, healthier, and more confident in my own body and image. My goal is to lose 7 kg of pure body fat through exercise and training.

One Little Calorie
Our goal is to provide information to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, physiological and psychological well-being. Our panel of authors include expertise in the fields ...

Meg In Training
A journey to a healthier, more active life! Join me as I try to make a lifestyle change for the better! I've never been a skinny person, unless you count the years from kindergarten through 4th grade. ...

Rambling Babushka
Hi, my name is Ildie. I've been told that I'm a bit sassy. I am here to share some of this so called SASS with those who care to read about it. I'm a self declared and reborn health fanatic. I try to eat ...

Good Healthy Life - Get Healthy | Be Healthy
Information on common health concerns and conditions affecting the mind and body. Learn about the details of many common ailments and discover the symptoms and available treatments for a wide range ...

Ready to Burn Fat and feel great?
I’d like to tell you about a new product on the market that promises to help you burn fat while building beautiful sleek muscles. More muscles mean more energy and a slimmer more healthful you. Here are ...

Acai berry, acai berry diet
Acai Berry is one of the most nourishing natural foods. It keeps us young&healthy Acai berries are one of the best antioxidants on the market. The acai berry comes from Brazil and it combats free radicals. ...

"Big Girl" No more!
I am terrified of being like a lot of the women in my family/life... I am terrified of being the yo-yo dieter. I do not want to have five different sizes in my closet depending on which end of my spectrum ...

Zero IS A Size!
My blog and website are dedicated to health and fitness with diet tips, health related news, a gallery, product reviews and more. My goal is to run a site that is inspiring visitors who want to achieve ...

Saglikli Yasam – Kilo Sorunu – Diyet ve Dogru Beslenme
Saglikli ve dogru beslenme, ac kalmadan zayiflama,diyet,diyet yemekler,detox,kilo sorunu,sismanlik,nasil diyet yapilir,hangi diyet,zayiflama,fitness,kilo kontrolu konularinin yer aldigi saglik ve diyet ...

The Fitness Tips
The Fitness Tips was created for the sole intention of helping people live health for life by providing vital information about fitness and health to those on the quest to having a healthy lifestyle. We ...