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My-diet blog is a community of like minded people who blog about their trials, struggles and hopefully success with trying to lose weight, stay healthy and fit. Sometimes you can feel very alone and frustrated on the journey to loose weight. On a bad day, an encouraging word or guidance from someone going through the same thing can be just what you need. That is why I started “my-dietblog”. It is more than a web-community, it is a community for support, information and guidance as well as a place to find resources about health, fitness and diet. Journal/Blogs/Diary/Web Logs Only Please

Dani's Journey to Weight Loss
My trials and tribulations on my journey to becoming healthier!

Shrink Steve
I've spent the last 20 years packing on the weight. I initiated my transformation on May 21, 2007. Today is August 2, 2007 and I've lost 56 lbs. so far. I will continue and live the next 20 years in ...

Wii Weight
'll be blogging about using the Wii as an addition to my currently feeble exercise routine. I'll post on these goals, plus note whether I ate well or not, since I don't track calories. I'll post weekly ...

The Forty Project
Digging out from 200 extra pounds and a mountain of debt

New Me?
Weight loss journal of a 27 year old guy in Ohio who weighed in on August 21, 2007 at 392.8 lbs. Now six weeks in and 40 lbs lighter, I update nearly every day, with weigh in reports at least twice a ...

No More for Mrs More
Losing it without losing it. Countdown to the wedding. And the rest of my life...get ye gone, ye hideous flab!

A guide to help you prepare for that summer cruise -- including weight loss, motivation, shopping, fashion, packing, port excursions and just surviving. Join me in my countdown to cruise!

Losing Danni
a weight loss journey

Burning the Fats! because I just want to be SKINNY again!
Its just a journey to lose weight which is my path of edification.

Not-So-Fat Girl
I'm a 20-something lady who has never known what it's like to be thin, graceful, or fit. I'm currently trying to find out.

Girl on a Diet
An account of a girl's battle against the bulge.

taking up less space
This time it is not about doing it perfectly. This time it is about picking myself up if I fall and getting straight back in there. This time it is about success.

South Beach Diary
One man's fight with the South Beach police

Losing It
Commited to losing weight.

Less Todd
This is the journal of a preacher and a drummer as I strive to lose 100 pounds over the next year.

100 Days to a "Lighter Life"
up until very recently had vowed never to try another product or diet again- tried too many products to mention and diet including atkins and weightwatchers.. recently however all that has changed! i started ...

My Wieght Loss Diary
My son is getting married!! Im so overweight its not funny, I need to lose a lot!

I *will* Lose It
This time, I *will* lose the weight....

Stumbling To Bethlehem
Low-carb diet information, plus my own journey from obese to fit on the Atkins diet. Also a little about God & the bocommunity drama that is my daily life, and gratuitous cat pictures.

Lighter Life
My journey through the ups and downs of weight loss.

Making it By

A personal motivation site for the diet, exercise, weight loss, and whatever other goals this twenty year old female from Southern California can think of.

Life and Death of a Model
A journal of a fashion model, musings about eating disorders, dieting, the fashion industry.

Simple Essentials
An off and on again blogging, basketball playing, workaholic, single Mom to two wonderful boys in Fredericton, NB. I gained a huge amount of weight ducommunity my pregnancies and after the breakup of my ...

My Weight Loss Journey
This blog is my way of trying to work through the inside aspect of weight loss, and to document my experiences as i finally change my life.