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The purpose of the Miata Community allows site owners to link to other sites with Miata content, without having to worry about keeping links up to date. People who see a Miata Community webpage can easily find many more pages with Miata content. If a user keeps going to the next site, sooner or later they will come back to the site they started at.

BoughtaMiata's 1999 Emerald Mica
My site as a beginner Miata enthusiast with step-by-step procedures of simple installations anyone should be able to do.

My 1990 Miata, modifications, information, and observations.

Club Miata y Roadsters EspaŮa: Punto de encuentro de entusiastas. Forum, fotos, concentraciones, eventos, compra y venta de coches, etc. Sin fronteras!!

Eric's Miata Page
Personal web site about my 1993 Mazda Miata LE.

Red MX5
Personal MX5 pages, including installation reports on my mods, informative & humourous articles, and reports on MX5 related experiences such as track days.{;}

The StreetFighter!
Site devoted to The StreetFighter, my early 1990 Mazda Miata. A work that is ever in progress, this car is continually evolving as a pure performance vehicle that is on the edge of streetability...

A place to share photos of your beloved Miata, along with links to your own homepage, Miata club page, etc.

Spec Miata West
A site dedicated to Spec Miata racing on the west coast. Results, standings and useful information for SCCA and NASA Spec Miata racers.

My Miata site
This site is all about my white Miata (1990) See modifications, photos and much more

The Miata Community Home Page
The home page for the Miata Community. This site provides information about the Miata Community including important information about the community and how to become a part of the Miata Community.

Wizco's Miata Page Home of the Shark
Dan's Miata pages for my Miata's. Mods, Pictures Link to West Penn Miata Club

Big Apple Miata Club
The home of Metro New York/Long Island Mazda Miata enthusiasts

Keith Barton's 99 Miata
Images and a description of modifications to my 1999 Miata

Jase's place
a site dedicated to my love of my miata, THE BLACK BULLET. Its forever changing and becoming something new.

My 1994 Miata
Some basic information on my Miata and modifications made to it.

Miata Club of Thailand
All about Miata & Miata for Thai MX-5/ Miata owners. We are a Miata Club from Thailand.

A 600HP Miata
Details of my Quest for a 600hp miata.

Is The Greatest MX-5?
Recently Updated, I have extensive information about my Miata "MIKI" and tons of photos of various other miatae; and links on aftermarket products, and import magazines, exotic and concept cars galleria ...

SCCA Fuel Test Ports
SCCA compliant fuel sample test ports for Spec Miata and all culb racing classes.

Mazda MX-5 Miata
Sito in lingua italiana dedicato alla Mazda MX-5 Miata

MX-5 Victoria
This site is dedicated to information about the Mazda MX5 in and around Victoria, Australia. It offers details on the history of the Miata, statistics, classified section, tips and more!

Mx5Team - Le Club Nord
All the news, the trips in the north of France with the Mx5Passion club (French Club)

Mazda MX-5 10th Anniversary Info
Information about the MX-5 10th Anniversary, specifications, links to related sites and experiences of ownership.

Sport Imports
We are the West Coast's leading source for recycled Miata parts. We also have a stable of lovingly restored salvage-title Miatas for sale.

Chris' Miata Corner
This site is dedicated to my lifelong{;}fondness for roadsters, and to my two{;}Miatas. I will share what I learn{;}about the car and any upgrades I{;}perform.

Mazda Miata

When a British journalist visited the Mazda plant, nobody expected automotive history to occur. However, as the journalist described the lack of cars that had the classic British sports car look to the head of Mazdaís Research and Development department, it was one of those moments of time where the perfect idea was reaching the perfect person to make the idea come into fruition. The meeting occurred in 1976 but the fruits of this idea continue to make waves in the popularity of the Mazda Miata.

The numbers donít lie Ė with over 500,000 units sold throughout the world, the Mazda MX-5 or the Mazda Miata has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the worldís best-selling two seat road sports car in history. Its initial release in 1989 sent shockwaves through the automotive industry and many car enthusiasts credit the mazda miata for reviving interest in the roadster segment of sports cars.

Within its illustrious history, the Miata MX-5 has released three different generations of its model. The first release consisted of a 1.6 L straight 4 engine and was available from 1989 to 1997, in which the engine was increased to 1.8 L in 1994. From 1999 to 2005, the Mazda Miataís second generation was a big success. This new model of the Miata MX-5 featured fixed headlights, a glass rear window, and increased engine speed. However, this fine piece of craftsmanship has been surpassed by the third generation of the Mazda Miata. Featuring a 2.0 L engine and stylish fender bulges over the wheel wells, the current model of the Mazda Miata is arguably the best roadster on the market now Ö until Mazda releases its next version of the Miata, at least.

While we have examined the success of the mazda miata, there is the big question of its appeal. When Mazda released its Miata MX-5 in 1989, people were literally flawed. A car that captured the spirit of the classic 1950s sport car but featured contemporary updates that removed the irritating quirks of those cars, the Mazda Miata was a polarizing car. Although some car enthusiasts hate the miata, the vast majority of people adore this sporty car. With its instantly recognizable design, and its compact design, the Miata has become the favorite car for many car owners. To further analyze the nuts and bolts of the mazda miata, we will examine the Mazda Miata Parts.

Mazda Miata Parts

Although the Mazda Miata is arguably the most popular and famous sports car on the market, the mazda miata parts are not designed to create an extraordinarily fast car. However, what the miata gives up in speed, it makes up in its responsiveness. Mazda Miata drivers rave about the carís handling. Featuring a 5-speed manual, one of the biggest criticisms of the miata is the fact that it can drive a little sluggishly when going up on hills. However, when confronted with a steep incline, all that you need to do is do a quick downshift into the fourth gear to race your miata up easily.

From an aesthetic point of view, very few cars are in the same league as the miata. Featuring a classic front-engine, rear wheel drive layout, the mazda miata is the most popular hardtop convertible on the market today. Available in an assortment of colors, the miata is a car that is driven to impress. Its weight distribution is perfect, which helps make the miata one of the most effective cars when driving in curves. A classic 2 drive sports car, the latest generation of Mazda Miatas have left its coke-bottle styled proportion behind and now features a stiffer body structure. Unlike many other cars that are incredibly on the outside but leaves something to be desired in its interior, the Mazda Miata has a beautiful interior that echoes the classic motifs of British roadsters.

The word miata is derived from the German word for reward and it really is an appropriate name. A perfect car for a relaxed weekend drive, the miata has many Mazda Miata Parts that make it one of the most fun cars to drive. The latest mazda miata is equipped with an excellent steering system and four-wheel independent suspension that helps the carís handling. Additionally, the latest Miata MX-5 comes with front and side airbags and also comes equipped with larger 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS. Other Miata Parts include fixed roll bars and available dynamic stability control with traction control. With all of these Mazda Miata Parts, itís easy to see why Consumer Guide has awarded the Mazda Miata with its Best Buy distinction for two years in a row.

Monster Miata

While the Mazda Miata is one of the most popular sports cars of its time, some people just arenít happy with the power that the car provides. For that reason, many car enthusiasts have found ways to tinker with their miata to create a truly powerful machine. If you have the need to speed and you want a car that can outperform those sports cars that you find racing on the track, you can find different ways to create a monster miata Ė a V8-powered miata.

The v8 miata is truly a monstrous machine. While many car enthusiasts have reported that a regular mazda miata will top out at 150 mph. However, a monster miata can give its drivers 175 mph or speed. To create a monster miata, you have to do some tinkering and replace the miataís engine with a V8 engine. Typically, the V8 engine will be at least 3 L and it is a popular engine configuration due to its requirement in Indy Racing league and NASCAR.

While it is always nice to have some extra power in your carís engine, one of the biggest concerns that people have about monster miatas are how the extra speed compromises the carís strengths of handling and reliability. However, owners of a Monster Miata will confidently tell you that you can have the best of both worlds. Although, you have to remove the Miataís drive train, cooling system, and other parts when you are replacing the miataís engine with a V8 engine, car enthusiasts will tell you that the mazda miata is one of the easiest cars to transform. For being able to provide extra power without sacrificing too much of the miataís famed handling, monster miatas are becoming all of the rage.

One of the most effective ways to transform your Mazda Miata into a monster miata is by using miata body kits. The miata kits allow individuals to convert their mazda miata into a monster miata without asking them to do too much. You donít have to have any major tools when using miata body kits but it is recommended that you should have some knowledge about a carís mechanics. For the most part, miata body kits include easy to understand directions that outline the steps that you need to take to make converting your car into a monster miata. Additionally, miata body kits should come equipped with top quality equipment that you will need to create a monster miata.

While having the proper automotive knowledge to convert your Mazda Miata into a Monster Miata is important when determining whether a miata body kit is for you, more important is selecting the right miata body kit. Although there is nothing wrong with following your impulse of trying to find a great deal, miata body kits can vary depending on the quality of materials that are included. Make sure that you are not sacrificing quality for price when you buy your miata body kit.