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my search for a happy medium in America.{;}

Hijabi Madness
Three hijabis posting commentary, debates, reviews, and whatnot.

love thy ummah
A young Musliminah's musings about life, God, community, love, politics, the banal, the interesting, and everything in between. It's fantabulous!


Dare to Dream
A blog, a diary, a friend...somewhere I can express my life- literarily...to escape to my own Dreamland and indulge myself in my own way of true blissful happiness... writing.

Ultimate Blogs by Khanbaba
Random stuff, some poem-type stuff

Mind Over Matter
A serious perspective of religion and life in general with a pinch of humor.

surfing internet

The Egyptian\'s Wife
The thoughts of a Muslim American mom of three living in small town USA.

What is Islam?
This site is made to give introduction of Islam to non-muslims

Indigo Jo Blogs
A blog about my Islamic, political and tech interests

Islamicly Locked
This site is about dread locks with in an Islamic context. I have included not only the Islamic history of dread locks among certain Muslim groups but the halal (Islamicaly correct) maintenance of dread ...

da crazy desi kudiz crazy desi xanga

The mind of Me
This is just a place where all my unsorted thoughts go to help keep me sane.

my personal Qu\\\'an
My site may be of interest to someone who is trying to lean arabic. Then I add my personal understanding of a verse of the Qur\\\'an every day hussein

growing old is my only danger

Another Day Begins
Though I\\\'m new at this I\\\'ll try to put effort into it... but be warned... soon I\\\'ll neglect this \\\"blog\\\" but I guess I\\\'ll type here for now... Geez... I guess as the start you\\\'ll be ...

Alone in Crowd
How we are but different and sometimes feel segregated (not necessarily neglected).Random thoughts that come to mind.Being a muslim and living in West.

Zia\'s blog thing
I was going to call this \"The complexities and observations of a Muslim British-Asian tea-drinking mathematician celibate junglist raver living at home with his mum in London\"... but I couldn\'t be ...


Newham Youth Forum
Newham Youth Forum - The Better Alternative

General issues or interest and experimenting with my brain!

A blog On Sufism, Tasawwuf, Traditional Islam,Wisdom and poetry from Scholars of Ehsan & Spirituality

Another muslimah youth, tryna deen as a teen, with one difference-she takes it on to the cricket pitch with her!!... Muslim + Female + Cricket = Under*Cuver*Cricketer

Spiced Tea & Letter

Asalamualikum This is my site About An Islamic Country like Pakistan and the wrong policies and how we can make thenm right i hope you will include me in your community

Truth & Beauty
A Pakistani-American Muslim woman\'s reflections on life, the Universe, & everything.

Life and Spirituality
Comments on life and spirituality by an American Muslimah

The Wish
Islam Rules

Mystics and Saints of Islam
Short biographies of mystics and saints in the Islamic tradition. Adapted from "Mystics and Saints of Islam" by Claud Field, 1910.

Symphonic Discord
These are our voices. The voices of different Muslim girls. We disagree, we argue, and each of us is unique with different opinions. Just like every other girl. So I present to you our symphonic discord, ...

The Structure of Entropy
My blog attempts to understand current affairs especially as they affect Muslims and Pakistanis, to share its understandings of religious insights from Islam, and to express its wonderment and love of ...

Exposing Evangelism - Arabic blog
The first and biggest blog in Arabic dedicated to exposing Christian Evangelism.