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a community for muslim webloggers!

The Light of Faith
The meandecommunitys of a 19 year-old Sufi girl, neice to Sh. Kabir Helminski.. Journey back to the Heart of my heart.

AliyaZ XangA
This is my xanga...

Striving to Exist
...A striving soul, in search for righteousness...

Knock Out blog
Muslim blog in french language.

Planet Grenada
An exploration of religious, cultural and political issues from the perspective of an afro-latin muslim

One Muslim's Musings
One (and only one) Muslim\'s thoughts, opinions and occasional reports on the world from her unique perspective.

IQRA - Voice From the Heart

Roz o Shab
Aap Beeti ... My Thoughts ... My Beliefs ... My Actions ... My Life ... My Opinions ... My Feelings ... Things that happen to me, my city, my country and the world. Sometimes I can be verbose or unreasonable ...

One Girl's Dream
The intellectual half of my mind. My housewifely half can be found at my livejournal, which is also listed.

occasional thoughts of a quiet, bookish, revert, niqabi Muslimah

Ninjas On The Loose
{;}An insight to the lives of a few crazy ninjabi's on the loose!

{;}jes random thoughts and inspirations

Stillness Where The Heart Beats
:: Krysalis :: This is me.. like it or not..

Islamic Articles
{;}This blog is dedicated solely to articles, short stories, and poems pertaining to Islam. I'll post up an enlightening, thought-provoking piece whenever I find one.

Redhill - Episode: Bukit Mertajam
Of challenges, miseries, statistics and joy. This is the avenue for getting the vibes, vent your anger or say something silly and technically absurd, and no one cares! All elements correlate with each ...

Nosher's Noshings
Musings.. just me writing about my mundane life

HANI's Honey
Shrine of Honesty of Sorts. No where else is HANI as honest as on her blog. WARNING: The actions described and thoughts expressed on this blog are not necessarily halal and may not follow the rules and ...

Calgon, Take Me Away!
{;}These are the true tales of an American Muslim Revert and Homeschooling mother of 5

Thoughts & Readings
Islam Sufism Books Poetry Art Jazz{;}

Khan-Artist Productions
Thoughts from the enemy within (i.e., a Muslim American).{;}

From the Journal of Colleen Khan
Ramblings of a converted muslim living with her Pakistani husband in Texas.{;}

::yes i am nice::

The table spread
All about food and great cooking...all things good to eat and halal:-)

h i s t o r i c a l
a usual blog...just usual{;}

pearl milk tea-random Muslimah blathecommunitys
just being a typical eccentric muslima