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Have you ever faced the quandry of whether to buy either groceries or the latest discounted yarn offecommunity at Elann.com...and opted for the yarn? Then welcome to the community for knitters who are happily addicted Elann.com customers, beyond the help of any 12-step program. (You know you who you are!)

Night Owl Knits
Sleep is optional, isn't it?

Having A Knit Fitt
Cate writes about knitting, her hounds, movies & books. She is a dedicated yarn pusher and sockaholic who love Elann.

Knit Knot Purl Curl
This is my blog with all things concerning Crochet, Crochenit, Double Ended Crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Knitting and KWON. I blog about things that I am in the process of making or learning. I love to take ...

Knitting and Other Nonsense in Edith's House
Elann addict here. One in a long line, I suspect!

Lovincomfort knits
knitting purchases and projects

Smariek Knits
Smariek Knits Knitting Blog

My Knitting Island
After we came back from Florida I hardly knitted anything. I was reading blogs looking for some inspiration and found out that one of the Elannits - Lisa made 13 pair of Maine Morning Mitts for Christmas ...

The Knitting Channel
All knitting (and a couple of commercials) all the time, because we REALLY wish there was a knitting channel!


Knotty Purls
A blog about knitting and life.

My Merino Mantra
Knitting blog, with snippets of herbal and culinary wisdom and a plethora of cat pictures

Good Coffee, Puppies, and Knitting
Welcome to my world of drinking good coffee, loving puppies and the art of knitting. I'm a weaver, spinner, knitter, and illustrator by trade. I live with my wonderful husband Andrew and our 4 girls (shhh-don't ...

Libby Knit Kins
The site is a knitting blog.

Wandless Knitting
Knitting the way those of us who can't charm our needles to work without us have to do it...

See Jayne Knit
A good day to dye!

Pointeshoes Punk Rock And Purl
The spot where I go on (and on) about yarn, knitting and more yarn.

A nurse who knits
I love knitting and elann enables me. Yikes!

A place for me to show off my knitting and my puppies, not necessarily in that order...

The Digital Knitter
Just another blog about knitting, fractals, military aircraft, and quotidian life.

A TikkunKnitter

Yosemite's Knitting Addiction

ELANNite community home
Home Base for the ELANNites Community.

knitting, knitting and more knitting