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Community for anyone who loves or has a 4 wheel drive truck the y use for mudd'n and 4 wheel'in.

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A page on my 4 wheel drive mudd'in machine.

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Mudding is just one of the many terms used to describe the practice of driving 4x4 or all terrain vehicles through mud. In mudding races, 4x4 trucks and many other mudding vehicles race through a patch of mud or bog to see whose 4x4 can make it through. If a number of 4x4 trucks make it through the mud, the 4x4 trucks with the fastest time are the winners. Mudding became quite popular in the 70ís, about the same time that 4x4 trucks and all terrain vehicles started to become popular. People began testing the limits of their 4x4 trucks by driving them through patches of mud. Today, mudding is a popular sport.

Mudding Trucks

Mudding trucks are really any pickups, or 4x4 trucks, that are used in mudding. Mudding trucks are classified into different classes for racing purposes based on the mudding trucks engine, tires, and the type of mudding trucks. When mudding was just beginning, mudding trucks were pick-up trucks that had been modified to better handle driving through mud. Generally, mudding enthusiasts would raise the suspension of their mudding trucks and alter their tires for optimal traction when mudding. These mudding trucks modifications sound a lot like the kind of modifications done to monster trucks. It just happens that mudding trucks and monster trucks are very closely related. In fact, many mudding truck and monster truck events in the past have coincided, drawing some mudding truck drivers to monster trucks and some former monster truck drivers to mudding trucks. Many of the mudding truck drivers have commercial sponsors who have a say in designing their mudding trucks. However, the mudding truck drivers themselves are the real experts when it comes to mudding trucks because they are the ones who drive the mudding trucks after all. Some drivers of mudding trucks donít refer to their passion as mudding but as mud bogging. This is because a lot of mudding is done in mud bogs. There are many different mud bog courses used in mudding races. One type of course is called hill and hole because there are hills and holes that mudding trucks must traverse. In this way, all of the mudding trucks are challenged in the mudding course. That is, if a mudding truck driver builds a mudding truck thatís designed to do well in a mud hole, their mudding truck will be challenged when they reach the hilly part of the course. On the other hand, if a mudding truck driver designs mudding trucks to do well on hills, their mudding trucks will have a harder time when they reach the mud hole portion of the mudding course.

Trucks Mudding

If you like to see trucks mudding, the best place to go is a mudding course, where youíll find mudding trucks competing in mudding competitions. You can also watch trucks mudding on TV if you canít go see trucks mudding live for whatever reason. However, you donít need to live near a mud bog to see trucks mudding. If you do happen to live near a mud bog, youíre in luck because you might just catch some trucks mudding whether their drivers are mudding fans or not. Regardless, truck mudding pits are usually built inside mudding arenas. Even monster truck venues sometime build a mudding section for mudding trucks to show off some mudding tricks. Most of these mudding trucks are 4x4 trucks. Other trucks donít stand a chance when it comes to mudding.

4x4 Trucks

You might be wondering what kind of 4x4 trucks are used for mudding. The truth is, anyone can try mudding in their 4x4 trucks if they donít mind getting dirty and potentially wrecking their 4x4 truck. But thatís what makes mudding fun: some 4x4 trucks are up to it and others get stuck in the mud. If youíve ever driven your 4x4through a flooded field and made a right mess, youíve been mudding! Itís that easy. When I think of mudding I think of that moving where the guy drives his 4x4 truck over a flooded septic system. Some mudding enthusiasts who donít have 4x4 trucks go mudding on their bicycles. 4x4 trucks are expensive, especially for teenagers in the suburbs who want to go mudding. All you need is a bog and a bicycle and a few stupid friends who want to go mudding. If you happen to have 4x4 trucks at your disposal, you might like to take up real mudding. One thing to keep in mind when you begin a mudding career is that you need to have good proper mudding tires on your 4x4 trucks.

4x4 Truck Tires

So how do the mudding pro-stars achieve the perfect mudding 4x4 truck tires. 4x4 truck tires for mudding arenít as easy to come by as your regular 4x4 truck tires. In fact, many mudding 4x4 truck tires are custom made by mudding truck drivers. Mudding truck drivers make their own 4x4 truck tires for mudding buy cutting out pieces of rubber from the tires. If you donít know how to go about making your own 4x4 truck tires for mudding, you can look it up on a mudding website or ask a mudding professional to make you some custom 4x4 truck tires for mudding. Mudding requires special kinds of 4x4 truck tires to get your mudding truck through the mud without becoming stuck. Regular 4x4 truck tires generally donít have the right kind of traction for mudding. Once youíve got your 4x4 truck tires custom cut for mudding and a good old 4x4 mudding truck, you can work on your mudding truckís engine and enter into some mudding competitions. If you manage to build a good 4x4 mudding truck and youíre a decent mudding truck driver, you may just be able to make a career of mudding and join the ranks of the mudding truck driver superstars.