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An eclectic international community for writers and readers around the world.

Personal weblog of a married 20-something grad student... my life isn't always fascinating, but I'm pretty happy with it.

A personal weblog - family and professional news, ideas that interest me, etc. Ethics, women's history, politics and more.

Book reviews and more by a Neurotic Fishgirl.

Computers by day, asleep by night. But wait, there's more...

jozjozjoz :: brain barf... yum!
brain barf from an asian american chick living in los angeles.

What Are Words For...
Lesbian passing time in Texas. I{;}love photography but I mostly write{;}on a semi-daily basis about my{;}very ordinary but happy life with my{;}honey and our 3 cats.

Another senseless blog coming to you from Savannah, GA.

just a little something

Random rambling about random events.

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois.

The Legend of Oak Hollow
The Trials and Tribulations we face as we plunge into the builing of a new home.

Combine these topics: archeology, food, words, environment. Now add books, Italy, medieval stuff, geeky things, Latin language, outdoors, Catholicism, and the odd giggle-worthy thing as well. There. That's ...

A collective memory, reflections of foreigners in Japan.

the story of a girl who shares truth for hopeless romantics in the digital world. its a journal all about me!

RedJen's Musings
The random thoughts and occasional daily happenings in the life that surrounds me.

Hello World It's Me
Me, myself, I, my zoo, news, our dream to move to the US, photo's , camera stuf and lots of music!

myriad writings - a twine of threads
Myriad is a freeform mu* environment of many characters from varied systems and timelines interacting in locations across the globe. Myriad Writings represents the complex, intertwined stories of those ...

Hotel Serenity
A moment in the life of a woman

Miscellaneous thoughts, comments and spastic ramblings.

I am Jack's Wasted Life
This is the blog of Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem a.k.a. GSeven. In addition to standard blog fare, expect poetry, photography, & other artistic expressions. Its theme comes from the movie/book Fight Club.

Once Upon A Time
Schneewittchen's real life tales: Life in Maryland for a thirty (something) year old who blathers on about whatever is on her mind.

The Lays of Nod
The personal investigations and cogitations of a man marked for oppression.{;}

No More War

MeatHenge - A food blog