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The participants of MSSN have gotten together to link their sites! Take a moment to stop by. Any military spouse is welcome!

Christian Military HomeSchool Mamas
A group for christian mamas that are homeschooling their children in a military setting. A place where we can encourage one another, pray for one another, learn from one another, and fellowship with one ...

The nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty details of life as an Army wife...

Spouses of Retired Military
Finally, a web page site for Spouses of Retired military! Links to help through the transition, plus a chat room, and a link to join our email loop.

Lady_Di's Navy Wives pages
My page for Navy wives with stories, poems, message boards, a chat room, and a navywives.zzn.com email server.

Saylor Family Homestead
Family friendly site about our famil and trying to keep up with us!

Our family website

Bunny's Doll Haven
I am a military wife, and this is how I pass the time while were are not together. Hope you stop by, I have all sorts of things on my site, it was started for dolls, but is getting bigger everyday. ...

Let Freedom Community
This site is dedicated to all the men and women that serve in the armed forces. That are out there defending this wonderful land that we live in. To keep our America free.

The Stricklin Family Journal
{;}Our personal site, about our life in the military

Military Spouse Suppport Network
A place for military spouses to come together in support!

Warner's Place in Cyberspace
Military family currently stationed in Hawaii personal web pages with many special interest items.

The West Castle
Links for Military support, JML's Dawn, Spirituality, Jaguars, and editorials from both of us.

Silent Ranks
{;}a place for military wives/girlfriends to come and chat, share stories, experiences, and get support!

Those You Defend
We offer support and information to families and friends of all the deployed Armed Forces,Reserves/Guards and international coalitions to current Operations or any other deployment around the globe – if ...

The nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty details of life as an Army wife...

Ideas For Deployed Loved Ones
100% Patriotic! This site has care package ideas, patriotic pictures, stories, and poems as well as helpful links, patriotic movie lists and more! E-mail with your suggestions or ideas.

Big Al's Army Life
Big Al's Army Life is an online diary of the deployment of a National Guard nurse out of Mississippi, written by his fiancée.

My Spectre Page
A page dedicated to my Hero!

Military Talk
This website is made for Military. On this website you will find, a message board, helpful websites, information and most of all people that are going through things just as you are. And much more.

Veterans of Modern Warfare
Support for service members, veterans and their families for modern veterans -- having served since August 2, 1990.

Sew Swank
I am a Navy wife and this is my blog! I discuss all sorts of topics, but all somehow relating to history, vintage living or DIY. My favorite era is WWII. I love veterans' causes and Military vintage!

Military Ladies
A site for all military/reserves/national guard/veterans wives, fiancees, and girlfriends. We have blogs, member activities, ect. We hope you come join us!

Wonderful Miracles™
Wonderful Miracles™ is a family safe site. Teaching without ever preaching ... grab a loved one & explore togeter.

The Navy Wife Life
Navy life from the perspective of a Navy Wife. Honest answers for new wives derived from personal experience and first hand observation.

Army Spouses Website
We welcome spouses, boy/girlfriends and even soon-to-be-spouses to join our group. This is a place where we welcome you to come and seek support, friendship as well as information about any Army Post. We ...