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This community was put together for the purpose of uniting all those studing any method of divination,and for those who travel on the Pagan path..Those involved in Negative magic, Satan worship, or who have Hate filled ideas or sites need not bother to join..You will not be considered.

Faerie Moon Coven
Our site is dedicated to our journey through learning The Craft. Included in our site we (will) have the following: the Goddess & God, Faerie Folk, Divination, Poetry, and others.

Circle of Light
A VERY spiritual site to visit to gain peace of mind in a confusing frustrated world. Professional psychic counselor, Rev. Cassandra Anaya, channels 3 angels (Metatron, Uriel, & Yannie). RELAX!! ENJ ...

{;}Information on Archangels, Zodiac angels, Angels, Kabalah

Castle Fae
Visit Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Free-for-link clipart & background sets. Wiccan information in the library. Applets throughout many pages.

My site is filled with much information about The Craft. Visit and get to know me and my furry kids.Learn about our religion. Learn to use Crystals and Herbs. Free Tarot readings, and much more. Stop in ...

Tarot Readings by Cheyenne Skyeforest
Affordable Personalized Tarot card readings using the Dragon Tarot cards. Full in depth readings sent to you by email for a printable, permanent record. No more scrambling to take notes or trying to ...

Pagans Press
Publisher of pagan books.

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Spiritual Pathways of Light ~ Products & Services
Spiritualist minister, medium, healer, teacher and author offers insights, products and services to assist you along your journey through life.

Ariel's Hogwarts
A Harry Potter fan site with free-for-link Hogwarts dolls & framed movie photos, movie photos & info. as well as Wiccan information. Ariel's Hogwarts diary.

Across Time
Adoptables and graphics free with link back. This site has free adoptables and graphics as well as information about the sabbats and esbats & past lives. (site is undergoing reconstruction and should ...

Witch Again
We have a few candle spells, color and planetary correspondences, the Witch's Code, Rules of magick and some links, including one to a pagan store and two to some real ghost photos.

Wicca and Parts of My Book of Shadows
Describes my solo journey in Wicca and some suggestions to help others who might be starting out or looking for something a bit different.

Tarot cards, runes, greenmen graphics, original art and lots of witchy goodness are what you'll find at witchypoo.com - home of a Goddess loving, web building kind of witch.

{;}Seek Darkstar to discover original Poetry, Art, information on Wicca, Witchcraft, & Paganism, Interactive Community Boards, Pictures, Awards, Music, Makani the Blue Fronted Amazon, & Body Art Pages ...

The Witch's World
About this Community {;} {;}Merry meet and welcome. This community is for those who are of Wiccan, pagan or of Withcraft backgroung. We will also teach and mentor the younger people of the world along ...

The Spiral Oak
The Spiral Oak is dedicated to providing information on Green Wicca and Natural Magic. The site has tons of information and original essays, as well as pagan-related photos. Come explore the world of a ...

School of Spiritual Integrity
Article on the basic forms of scrying.

pics/info re wicca,fairies,teddybears,angels,australia.

Crystal Island
My interests in SiFi and fantasy! I have written a book about a fantasy island, Crystal Island. The book is set in the future. Come by and pay me a visit, I love company!!

Carnivalia carries an ecclectic blend of wares, specializing in Witchboards, Pendulumboards, and other divination tools. We feature a wide range of styles, from the ceremonial, to the Gothic, to the 'just ...

Aradia Speaks
My site is a mix of my Wiccan practices and beliefs and my own poetry as well as some quotes from my favorite authors

Silver Melusine's Grove of Wisdom
This site is a group that features forums, a spellbook, a bos, and more. Please come on by!

Musings on life, art, love, and spirituality. Book of Shadows: poetry, chants, and Faery magick for the pure of heart.

Serene Spirit
All things Wiccan, pagan, druidic, shamanistic and magickal. A mini Magick guide, forums, products. Come visit us and ask questions or just browse the site. Love and Light.