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Mopar projects: 1970 Polara Convertible, {;}1968 Dart GTS

Rhea's Rad Rods
Follow along with the restification of my 66 Dart GT street/strip car and 65 Dart Convertible cruiser. There is also a link to the Spitfire Headers picture page.

Brett's Charger Page
Resource for 71-74 Charger owners. Facts, production totals, pictures, and tech articles. Good for all b-body owners and Mopar enthusiasts.

My Mopar Homepage
This is my mopar homepage which has links to My '73 Chrysler Newport page, my Carter Thermoquad page, and my Turbo page. Have fun and stop by again.

Chrysler Fifth Avenue Website
A site about the Chrysler Fifth Avenue and M-bodies- Diplomat, Caravelle/Gran Fury and the RWD LeBaron (77-81) and New Yorker (82, 83). Contains production #s, a large photo album, forum, specs, links, ...

SixpackR/T webpage
all about 70 coronet R/T's,vindecoder,{;}registry,coronet R/T pics,and coronet R/T pics

Chris' 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Resto Site
The restoration story of my 69 Dodge Charger R/T. Numerous pictures and resto companies websites. Check my site out if you are restocommunity a Charger or any other B-Body from 68-70!!


Dodge was originally founded by the dodge brothers and later became part of the chrysler automotive company. It now falls under the Daimler chrysler name, since the chrysler and Daimler-Benz companies merged. By about halfway through the 20th century, dodge became especially well known for its muscle cars. Its muscle cars are still highly sought-after by classic car collectors who restore old dodge muscle cars. One of the biggest challenges when restoring a dodge muscle car is finding those very old dodge parts. One of the best places to find dodge parts is at moparts.com a dealer of mopar parts. If youíre unfamiliar with mopar or mopar parts, a brief description follows.


Chrysler was an automotive company founded in nineteen twenty five that later became known as Daimler-chrysler after it merged with the Daimler benz automotive company. Right now, chrysler is in trasition again, as it is being sold to an American equity firm, and will soon be known as chrysler Holding LLC. Walter chrysler was the original founder of the chrysler company ans=d had a flare for bringing dying businesses back to life. Later in life, he resurrected a famous country club. Chrysler was also interested in horses and began breeding throughbred horses. Walter chrysler died in 1940 and is buried in New York. Chrysler only saw a brief glimpse of what his chrysler company was to become. Today Chrysler is still a well-known maker of cars and sells many cars world-wide.


The plymouth was chryslerís first attempt to make an affordable car with lots of fancy features. The first Plymouths came about in the nineteen twenties and the last in 2001. Because Plymouths are no longer being manufactured by dodge, finding plymouth parts for your classic car restoration can be trickyÖ. But no too tricky if youíre a member of moparts.com. Moparts.com is a website that brings together plymouth and other mopar car fans and provides a way for mopar owners to buy, sell and trade mopar parts. Chrysler named its new marque of car the plymouth, after plymouth rock, where the mayflower landed. Youíll notice that the plymouth logo is a picture of the rear view of the mayflower. Throughout its history, the plymouth has been a fairly successful marque for chrysler. Chryslerís introduction of its affordable car, the plymouth, was well-timed, as it was released just before the depression of the 30s. A lot of other car companies went under during the depression, but chrysler managed to stay afloat because it had some cheaper cars lined up. In the late nineties, plymouth made and sold a lot of mini vans and compact cars and were just starting on a new car called the PT cruiser, which borrowed some elements from classic cars. With the dialer chrysler merger, the plymouth marque was dropped and the PT cruiser was made under the chrysler marque.


Mopar has come to mean a number of different things since the word was first coined sometime around the nineteen twenties. Mopar came from the words motor and parts, a brand name that chrysler used to sell motor parts and other automotive products such as antifreeze. Nowadays, mopar refers not only to chrysler auto parts, but has become a general term used by car enthusiasts to refer to any chrysler-made car, including dodge, chrysler, plymouth, f you need mopar parts for your chrysler, plymouth, dodge, or any other Daimler-chrysler vehicle, a good place to find them is at moparts.com.


You can usually find all the mopar parts you need at moparts.com and can usually ship within a few days, except of course on weekends and holidays. At moparts.com you can find all sorts of special parts for your modern or classic cars. For serious moparts fans, you can order moparts mugs, clocks, sticker, t-shirts, and mouse pads at moparts.com. Moparts merchandise would make a great gift for any moparts fan, and ordering online is easy! Mopar.com also offers a number of mopar book and movie links and recommendations, with everything from mopar instructional books to coffee table muscle car books. You can even find some non-fiction paperbacks on moparts.com about guys rebuilding their mopars. Most of the movies about mopars, as listed on moparts.com, were made in the 70ís. Moparts.com also has a page that lists moparts sponsors, which offer discounts to moparts.com members. My favourite pages on moparts.com are their mopar picture pages with hundreds upon hundreds of mopar photos. Many of the pictures on moparts.comís picture pages are from moparts mopar shows. Moparts has several mopar shows each year. If you register as a member of moparts.com, you can post pictures, participate in their moparts question and answer forum, and post and search classified ads. One thing thatís really great about the moparts.com classified ads is that users must post the sale price of what theyíre selling in the ad, because it can really waste a lot of time if you have to sift through a bunch of ads with no posted prices just to find theyíre more than youíre willing to pay. For someone restoring an old mopar or repairing a new mopar, youíll likely find the moparts.com tech archive very useful. The moparts tech archive offers some very useful insight on many different topics such as wheels, shop equipment, and paint and body work. I found moparts.comís tips on painting your mopar especially useful. The thing about moparts.com is that they donít actually sell any parts themselves. Moparts members find the parts theyíre looking for through the moparts.com classified ads section. If you ever get the chance, check out a moparts car show and see what kinds of moparts the moparts.com members have been working on. If you have a mopar yourself, you might meet someone at a moparts mopar show who has some parts that you need for your own mopar.