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This list is open to websites dedicated to their love of Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Jeep trucks. This includes Trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Powerwagons, Four Wheel Drives, Emergency Service Vehicles, and Military Vehicles. About anything that can be considerd a type of truck and powerd by Mopar, reguardless of era, old or new. In this way website owners can link with other sites that have similar subject matter to help build interest in these vehicles.

Check out one of the biggest dakotas around{;}

Bear Mountain Performance
Along with my 1995 Dodge Ram V10 2500 4x4 SLT this Mopar web site contains a my personal For Sale/Wanted list, an Online Fleamarket, Mopar Information, Family's Vehicles, Mopar Related/DaimlerChrysler/Automotive/Non-Automotive ...

Truckin' It
This site tracks the transformation of my Red 99 Dodge Dakota 2WD truck from stock to custom.

Beast Truck
{;}The trials and tribulations of man vs. beast as I try to return my '85 Dodge D100 to the road.


Founded in 1914, dodge is a division of the Daimler Chrysler corporation. Dodge makes everything from muscle cars and sports cars to truck and sport utility vehicles. The dodge had an interesting start. The dodge brother originally worked in a bicycle shop in Windsor Ontario. They dodge brothers moved their bicycle operation to Detroit Michigan and soon after were recruited by Henry Ford to make parts for his cars. Soon, the dodge brothers were responsible for a great number of parts in ford automobiles. The dodge brothers sold their business, which was then sold once more to the Daimler Chrysler Corporation. Over the years, the dodge logo has changed a number of times, as have the dodge slogans. In the late nineties, all new dodge trucks and other vehicles adopted the dodge ram logo, formerly used on dodge trucks exclusively.

Dodge Trucks

Dodge trucks boast their hemi v8 engines, but does anyone really know what a hemi is? It’s a hemispherical shaped combustion chamber in Daimler-Chrysler trucks. The dodge ram uses a HEMI engine. To see pictures of a HEMI in a dodge ram truck, visit dodge.ca. This website offers photos and detailed descriptions and stats for all their current models of trucks, cars, and sport utility vehicles. Dodge makes all sorts of trucks from medium duty trucks to full size pickup trucks. They recently unveiled the dodge 2009 dodge ram at a car show in the United States. The newer dodge trucks can cost upwards of 39 thousand dollars Canadian, not including accessories. For some, this may mean settling for a used truck. Owning a dodge truck or having a friend with a dodge turck is great when you have to move house. Though renting a dodge truck may seem like a good idea, the quality of your moving experience often depends on the moving company that you use. Though you might think you’re getting a great rate from a moving company to rent one of their trucks for the day, there can often be a lot of hidden charges, These extra charges are for gas and mileage. Also, unbeknownst to me, many moving truck rental places close their doors in the evenings so that trucks can’t be returned late after hours. That way, you’ll have to pay for street parking for the truck if you live downtown so that you can return the truck in the morning. There is also a late delivery charge upon return of the truck. Another important thing to not when renting a truck is to get a receipt when you put gas into the truck because even if the gas meter reads full on the truck, the rental company will charge you $25 if you don’t show a receipt.

Used Trucks

If you’re looking for used trucks, go to a used truck dealership or check out the used trucks online on websites such as Ebay. You can find used trucks on Ebay by searching for ‘used trucks’, or if there’s a particular truck you’re looking for, type in the full name. For example, if you’re looking specifically for a used dodge ram, enter ‘dodge ram’ in the search window. You can generally assume that a dodge ram for sale on Ebay is used and so don’t always need to include the words, ‘used trucks’. If you’re willing to settle for any old used trucks, and don’t necessarily have your heart set on a dodge used truck, you’ll have an easier time finding a used truck that you like. One reason to get a dodge truck is that they’re very durable and dependable.

Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram is a Chrysler Corporation pickup truck that’s been in production since 1981. The dodge ram is assembled in various cities in the United States and Mexico. The dodge ram has rear-wheel or four-wheel drive and a front engine. Since 1981, the dodge ram design has undergone a lot of changes in terms of price, style, size, the engine used, and its fuel capacity. You’ve likely seen the dodge ram on Walker, Texas Ranger, where walker has a dodge truck with police lights and a siren. If driving the same truck as Walker, Texas Ranger, isn’t exciting enough to convince you to buy a dodge ram for yourself, then perhaps the dodge ram just isn’t the truck for you. Dodge makes many other trucks that you might be interested in such as the dodge Dakota truck and dodge Sprinter truck.

Truck Tires

It’s important to have the right truck tires for every season because the wrong tires can be both expensive and dangerous. Truck tires are expensive anyway, so it’s worth taking the time to do a little research before you buy your truck tires to make sure you’re getting the right ones. You wouldn’t buy a truck without researching it a bit first right? So why would you buy truck tires without doing any research. It just doesn’t make sense. If you’re not sure what truck tires to buy, ask a truck tire expert. If you’re looking for truck tires for your dodge ram, try to find someone who specializes in dodge ram truck tires to help you. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad to know you chose the right truck tires for your truck.

Truck Accessories

Once you’ve outfitted the rest of your dodge truck, you might want to shop around for some truck accessories. Whatever your needs, whether for hobbies or work, there are truck accessories that can make your life easier. There are so many different truck accessories available, so we’ll start with a brief overview of some of the most popular truck accessories, including nerf bars, toolboxes, truck covers, truck racks, snowplows, lift gates, fender trim, and grill guards. Why not give your truck a full truck makeover, or trick your truck as they say, with some new truck accessories. You can also buy truck accessories for your truck’s interior, including seat covers, and floor mats.